The Whole Funk: Anatole’s Birthday, 2010

Last year, Michael Anatole (Lord of the Funk) wanted to celebrate his birthdasy with Earth Wind and Fire This year, it’s the funk, and nothin’ but the funk.

The Whole Funk: Anatole’s Birthday, 2010.

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01 – Party Lites – Slave Featuring Steve Arrington
02 – Who’d She Coo – Ohio Players
03 – Movin’ (Extended Mix) – Brass Construction
04 – Party Train – GAP Band
05 – Got To Be Real (Extended) – Cheryl Lynn
06 – You And I – Rick James
07 – We Got The Funk – Positive Force
08 – Five Minutes of Funk – Whodini
09 – How Ya Like Me Now – Kool Moe Dee
10 – Get on the Good Foot – James Brown
11 – DMSR – Prince
12 – Flashlight – Parliament
13 – You Meet My Approval – Slave Featuring Steve Arrington
14 – Funkin’ For Fun – Parliament
15 – Gather Round – Earth Wind And Fire

There’s nothing more to say here. Mr. Anatole requested, and I was happy to provide. Big ups to the man.
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7 comments on “The Whole Funk: Anatole’s Birthday, 2010

  1. trelly says:

    I can’t begin to tell you what memories the Gap Band’s ‘Party Train’ brings to mind *wicked wicked smile* (ha)

  2. macedonia says:

    happy birthday to Michael and ’nuff respect to EJ for supplying the tunes…

    1. Michael Anatole says:

      Glad you all liked it. And I had to sneak in one EWF tune or it would not be me . This is becoming quite the annual tradition. A huge thank you goes to Brother EJ aka the Podfather for blessing me once again! Love you Brother!

  3. Soulrific says:

    This mix is like ol’ times at the skating rink!

  4. ms.alex says:

    ~ Outstanding as uuussaaaalll ! Let’s partee!

  5. James madison says:


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