Ashford and Simpson, Volume 1

I think a proper term for this one would be “The Battle Of The Music Fiends.” Presenting:

Ashford and Simpson, Volume 1.


01 – High Rise – Ashford & Simpson
02 – It Seems To Hang On – Ashford & Simpson
03 – Stuff Like That – Quincy Jones
04 – Found A Cure – Ashford & Simpson
05 – Love Don’t Make It Right – Ashford & Simpson
06 – It’s My House – Diana Ross
07 – Have You Ever Tried It – Main Ingredient
08 – BourgiĆ© BourgiĆ© – Ashford & Simpson
09 – Don’t Cost You Nothing – Ashford & Simpson
10 – Street Corner – Ashford & Simpson
11 – Over And Over – Sylvester
12 – Clouds – Chaka Khan
13 – I Ain’t Asking – Phyllis Hyman
14 – By Way Of Love’s Express – Ashford & Simpson
15 – Send It – Ashford & Simpson
16 – Is It Still Good To Ya? – Teddy Pendergrass

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I think that the most fun in putting together this podcast was getting the help of 8 people in putting it together. Because of the time constraint of an audio CD of 80 minutes, there will, of course, be a Volume 2. The dilemma? Trying to decide which tracks go on Volume 1. There were plenty of agreements (It Seems To Hang On, Is It Still Good To Ya?) but there were also a few debates (By Way Of Love’s Express, Found A Cure). Shoutouts go to Greg V, DJ, Shelton, Mike P., Ricky Mac, Mike E.,T Grundy, Theresa, Garfield, Detrel, and Soul Afrodisiac.

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10 comments on “Ashford and Simpson, Volume 1

  1. Nichelle says:

    Wow! I was just listening to “Is it still good to ya” last weekend in the car with my Dad. Brings back memories.

    1. EJ says:

      I had the same thing happen to me too! I think I was listening to Clouds the other day and didn’t make the connection until I started pulling this together.

  2. tony ballard says:

    hi ej. tony b from the uk. will what can say about this mix.only just 100 per cent the best as always.ej if you do a mix can put in gary bryd and the gb experience. the crown such a great track haven’t heard it for ages.

    keep doing the biss.
    take care. tony b

  3. ms.alex says:

    ~ Hit after hit after hit…..thx..

    1. EJ says:

      Glad you like it, Ms. Alex. Let me know if there’s anything you want to hear on Volume 2.

  4. James madison says:


  5. James madison says:

    I have to was always a pleasure to see Nick and Valerie walking on 59th street during my high school days. Nick was always gracious!

    God times!

  6. Mr Mike says:

    EJ – I Think This” Nick And Val” Mix Satisfies The Masses! What A Wonderful Collection! Thanks 4 Putting This ALL Together!

    1. EJ says:

      Thanks Mike! Just wait until Volume 2 comes out next week!

  7. theresa says:

    EJ – Good Job. That being said, I have a bone to pick with you…. I’m #8 on the list!?!? WTH!?!?

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