OSW: Knees

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. It’s been a beautiful week. Now it’s back to the grind. Here we go:

Old School Wednesday: Knees

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01 – Can You Handle It? – Sharon Redd (9:44)
02 – Get Off (You Fascinate Me) – Patrice Rushen (6:20)
03 – Romeo – Jamaica Boys (4:48)
04 – I Could Give You More – Marcus Miller (5:58)
05 – After You – Bernard Wright (4:44)
06 – Hard To Face The Music – Idris Muhammed (4:52)
07 – Inside Your Love – Leon Ware (5:21)
08 – The Sound Of Music – Dayton (5:41)
09 – I Found Lovin’ – Fatback Band (4:03)
10 – Knees – Howard Johnson (5:41)
11 – For Tonight – Bryan Loren (4:25)
12 – Hang Tight – Keni Burke (4:00)
13 – I Love You – Weldon Irvine (3:04)
14 – Love The Feeling – Leroy Hutson (2:51)
15 – Lazy Nina – Greg Phillinganes (5:20)

I wanted to start off with Sharon Redd not only because it’s a great dance tune, but also because of the instrumental arrangement that stands the test of time. The same can also be said about Patrice’s Get Off. After those two tracks, I wanted to get more into Marcus Miller and Bernard Wright, so I thought it would be perfect to drop a good track from the two in addition to including a track from Jamaica Boys, a group they were directly involved in, and which also included Lenny White and Mark Stevens, Yvette’s brother. You may know her better as Chaka Khan.

One of the best things about having to hunt for tracks for Old School Wednesdays is learning or learning more about artists, or discovering artists you haven’t heard of. Both things mentioned are true in this case. I had enough time to learn more about Idris Muhammad, Greg Phillinganes, and Leon Ware. I did not realize that Leon was not only a writer of Inside Your Love but also incorporated the tune one one of his albums, I had to include it in this mix. Idriis’ Hard To Face The Music and Greg’s Lazy Nina are two underappreciated classics,that should also be recognized.

There are two artists in this case that I had never heard of which also included this time: Weldon Irvine and Leroy Hutson. I’ll be immersing myself into their tracks from them, and there’s a good change you’ll hear them in the upcoming podcasts. One of the things that I was shocked to learn was Weldon’s biography and his involvement in the industry. I was even more astonished to hear more about his death. The realization that he was so prolific really hit home. Information about his life can be found in Colin H. Jackson Jr’s writeup, available here.

Great tracks from Dayton, Bryan Loren, Fatback Band, Keni Burke, and Howard Johnson are also here. Howard’s track was produced by Jam & Lewis and Monte Moir fan that I had never been able to get my hands on until recently (and considering I am a huge Jan and Lewis fan, this was a minor victory for me.)

Hope you enjoy it. Got requests? Send an email to ejflavors at gmail dot com. For those who’d like to subscribe to these podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. Take it light.


2 comments on “OSW: Knees

  1. james madison says:

    Some good stuff with good memories here!
    I remeber my Brother playing the Marcus Miller “I Can Give You More” track.
    “For Tonight” is a grooved out track which I really don’t remember that well but is a fav.
    Sharon Redd, Sharon Redd..’Nuff said!

  2. ms.alex says:

    ~ Fatback & Bw!! Luv it!

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