In Rotation, Volume 24

I’m absolutely happy to say that this is the first rotation I’ve done in 2 years that I had too many songs to choose from. It’s a good thing. Presenting:

In Rotation, Volume 24 – July, 2010

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01 – All I Ever Wanted – Bah Samba (9:08) [myspace]
02 – Get Through To You – Dira (5:21) [myspace]
03 – The Better Life – Georg Levin featuring Clara Hill (3:24) [site]
04 – Change Your Mind – YahZarah (3:32) [myspace | wiki | twitter]
05 – Casualties Of Honey – Silhouette Brown (5:10) [myspace]
06 – You Used To Rock – Blue Six (4:33) [site]
07 – Just Dance  – Cool Million Feat. Noel McKoy (4:52) [myspace]
08 – Lost In The Moment – Marcell and The Truth (3:54) [site]
09 – This Could Be The Night (Featuring Eric Roberson, Darien Brockington & Rapper Big Pooh) – Zo! (4:19) [myspace | twitter]
10 – I Need Your Love – PJ Morton (2:49) [site]
11 – Mad 1 More Night – Russell Taylor (3:50) [site]
12 – Showya – Darien (4:30) [myspace]
13 – Past Present Future – Angel Grant (4:43) [site | wiki | myspace]
14 – Always Will (Ft. Muhsinah & Kaidi Tatham) – Eric Lau (4:23) [myspace]
15 – The Song (feat Chaka Khan) – Incognito (5:09) [link]
16 – Love – Princess Freesia (5:56) [myspace | facebook]
17 – All Is Well With Love (Featuring Chantae Cann) – Zo! (2:55) [myspace | twitter]

Since work and school have been an absolutely busy experience, trying to pull out rotations is a challenge – even doubly shoo with trying to keep the Old School Wednesdays moving. Let’s see if I can keep up with the music this year, which is undoubtedly much more active (and interesting) than it was last year.

I have always been interested in Bah Samba, and have used them on a couple of occasions. After doing some research, I saw that they have been out for more than 10 years, and that one of the vocalists was no other than Alice Russell who is phenomenal both on the turntable and in person. It prompted me to pull out All I’ve Ever Wanted without hesitation. I’ve followed this from Dira, a new artist produced by Bluey from Incognito. The track Gotta Get Through To You is off of the CD Something About That Girl. Georg Levin then sets the groove with vocals by the one and only Clara Hill with The Better Life.

Yahzarah’s Change Your Mind is a great track which was produced by Nicolay (who incidentally produced the entire LP, The Ballad of Purple St. James). This is followed by Silhouette Brown with a little help from Lady Alma on the track Casualties of Honey. Blue Six follows this up with the bass-thumping You Used To Rock. We then slide into the old school vibe by sliding into the German collaboration by the name of Cool Million with the track Just Dance with Noel McCoy.

I was able to get my hands on Marcell And The Truth and I was very impressed with his LP.. Lost In The Moment is one of my favorite tracks off of the CD. Symbols. Special thanks to L. Michael Gipson got alerting me to this release. Zo! slides in with a track from Sunstorm entitled This Could Be The Night with Erro, Darien Brockington, and Big Pooh. This is followed by PJ Morton’s I Need Your Love and Russell Taylor’s Mad 1 More Night from the CD Confessional.

Showya. a great track from Darien produced by Soulpersona, is one of the most frequently played tracks by yours truly. This track is followed by Past Present Future by Angel Grant, an artist fro the former Perspective Records (remember Lil’ Red Boat?) I found this track while listening to her previous album, aptly entitled Album. The track comes from her current album entitled My Journey Back. Eric Lau then gives us the lovely track Always Will with vocals by Musinah and Kaidi Taitham .

After Eric’s track, Incognito follows with vocals by the one and only Chaka Khan with The Song an unquestionably solid track that will be heard for years to come. This is followed by Princess Freesia, an artist to watch out for, with the soulful track Love, which keeps the goodness flowing. I conclude this with a track from Zo!, entitled All Is Well With Love, one of my absolute favorite tracks from the LP. This track is graced by the vocals from Chantae Cann,

Shououts go to Ricky McCarthy, Paul Eversley, Soulpersona, Zo!, and L. Michael Gipson.
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