OSW: Angela Winbush

This week’s feature….Angela.

Angela – Uptemp

Angela – Downtempo

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01 – Rene and Angela Featuring Kurtis Blow – Save Your Love (For #1)
02 – Rene and Angela – I Love You More
03 – Janet Jackson – Say You Do
04 – Angela Winbush – It’s The Real Thing
05 – Rene and Angela – I’ll Be Good
06 – Janet Jackson – Young Love
07 – Angela Winbush – Run To Me
08 – Angela Winbush – Dream Lover
09 – Angela Winbush – Treat U Rite
10 – Stephanie Mills – Something In The Way (You Make Me Feel)

11 – Sheena Easton – Fire And Rain
12 – Angela Winbush – Angel
13 – Rene and Angela – You Don’t Have To Cry
14 – Rene and Angela – Imaginary Playmates
15 — Angela Winbush – Spend The Night (Ce Soir)
16 – Angela Winbush – Menage A Trois
17 – Rene and Angela – My First Love
18 – Angela Winbush – Your Smile
19 – Isley Brothers – Koolin’ Out
20 – Angela Winbush – You Had A Good Girl

There’s not much I can say about this – Angela at he finest takes two separate mixes because of the longevity, particularly for those who like to listen to this on a CD in the car. Much props for the one and only Paul who was the mastermind behind this (and trust me, there will be more to come…believe me.)

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3 comments on “OSW: Angela Winbush

  1. james madison says:

    Great post!
    Great to see Angela getting her due!

  2. thierno says:

    Ditto, James. Angela Winbush is amazing. I still play that Sheena Easton track regularly. The tom-tom fills etc… all good stuff.

  3. Mr Mike says:

    UNSUNG On TVOne Featuring – Angela Winbush – This was one of the Best on UNSUNG. Glad you made this podcast. A must have for my collection.

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