OSW: The System

….and I’m back. After an auto accident and crazy work schedule, I’m glad to be at it again. This time, I got help from The Bajanrascals – Paul and Ricky. Presenting:

Old School Wednesday – The System.

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1) Attitude – We Got The Juice  – 5:13 –  Pump The Nation  
2) The System -Sweat –  7:16  – Sweat Funk,Boogie,Jazz Funk,Garage  
3) Chaka Khan – This Is My Night  – 6:09 – Soul Funk & Disco Classics Dance  
4) Can’t Slow Down – 5:54 – Angela Bofill Album:Let Me Be The One 
5) The System – It’s Passion –  7:31 – Album: Sweat
6) Attitude – I Wanna Get To Know You Better –  5:05 –  Album :Pump The Nation  
7) Phil Collins  – Sussidio – 4:22 –   Album : No Jacket Required
8) The System – Stand Up And Cheer –  5:45 – Album:Sweat   
9) Pauli Carman – Dial My Number –  5:35  – Album: Dial My Number
10) The System – I Wanna Make You Feel Good – 4:20 –   Album:Sweat  
11) Jeff Lorber – Step By Step – 5:10  Album:Step by Step 

12) Scritti Politti – Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) – 5:54 –   Real Eighties (Hits & Extended Mixes) Eighties  
13) The System – Heart beat of the City –  4:38 – Album : Sweat 
14) Mtume – Juicy Fruit –  5:57  Album  Juicy Fruit  
15) The System – Lollipops and Everything

3:59 – Album: X-Periment

16) The System – Dont Disturb This Groove – 5:03 –   Album :Dont Disturb This Groove
17) The System – You Are In My System – 7:44 – The 12" Single 80’s R&B  
18) The System – This Is For You – 3:58

Paul really lit this mix up with a couple of surprises. He imtegrated a mix of Scritti Politti Wood Beez into the fold, which I had never heard before. Pauli Carman, the lead singer for Champaign, is also here for the title track of his debut solo album, Dial My Number. He even managed to mix in Jeff Lorber and Attitude.

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3 comments on “OSW: The System

  1. james madison says:

    Great work you guys put in for this selection. Dig The System and have not heard that Pauli Carmen since..well..FOREVER! Thanks for posting it..and hoping you’re feeling better.

    1. Carma says:

      Hi James Madison and EJ Flavor: I was searching Pauli Carman and came across this site..Pauli has never stopped..check him out at http://www.paulicarmanchampaign.com or http://www.paulichampaign.com
      Thanks for posting…sorry this is a year later..Carman…

  2. Seedoflife says:

    I’m jamming to this one and the depth is stunning!!

    Kudos to all involved!!


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