In Rotation, Volume 23

It’s a new year- time to keep it flowing. Presenting:

In Rotation, Volume 23 – January, 2010

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01 – Incognito – Out of the Blue (Original Full Mix) [link]
02 – Soulpersona – Freesias Late Night Fantasy Featuring Princess Freesia [myspace | facebook]
03 – Dezaray Dawn – Chameleon [site | myspace | facebook ]
04 – Carmen Rodgers – Heartless [myspace | facebook | facebook ]
05 – Ryan Leslie – Is It Real Love? [ site | myspace]
06 – Michael Olatuja – Speak (Feat. TY) [ site | twitter ]
07 – Deborah Jordan – Let Go [myspace | facebook ]
08 – Jose James – Lay You Down [ myspace | amazon ]
09 – Philip Clark – Granted (Groove 7 3am Eternal Mix) [ site | download ]
10 – Suncircle – If You Speak [ myspace ]
11 – Kenichiro Nishihara – Life (feat. Kissey Asplund) [ bama love soul | facebook ]
12 – Corinne Bailey Rae – Feels Like The First Time[ site ]
13 – Dreemtime – Happy For 5 [ site | myspace | facebook ]
14 – Sade – The Moon And The Sky [ site ]
15 – Foreign Exchange – Daykeeper [ site ]

Since I was a little tardy with some of the music from 2009, I needed to make up for lost time, so some of these tracks are from last year, but still enjoyable. Starting off with Incognito from the One Nation CD with a track that gave the acid jazz / hose vibe I desperately needed. Soulpersona, with arguably one of the finest albums of 2009, follows up with Princess Freesia’s Freestyle.

Dezarray Dawn, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, delivers a great song off of her EP entitled Chameleon. The full album comes out the spring/summer of this year, so stay tuned for its release. I am also anticipating Carmen Rodgers’ CD Intermission: The Bitter Suite which is also forthcoming. The first single, Heartless, is a great track.

Ryan Leslie’s Is It Real? (a track that I slept on, admittedly), is followed up by Michael Olatuja’s Speak! with spoken rhythm ("I don’t rap no more, I just speak.") is followed by a track from Deborah Jordan’s CD The Light (another awesome CD) with the sublime track Let Go. Jose James’ Lay You Done from the forthcoming Blackmagic CD is followed by a track from Phillip Clark entitled aGranted with a superb mix by Groove 7. The vibe continues with Suncircle’s When You Speak. This is one of my fasvorite tracks from Reborn.

Kissey Asplund’s voice spices up the next track from Kenichiro Nishihara, Life. Corinne Basiley Rae’s Feels Like The First Time is then followed up by the nice downtempo track Happy For 5 by Dreemtime’s New York Lounge Funk. Sade’s track The Moon And The Sky isd then followed by my favorite track from 2009 (and very deserving of their Grammy nomination) from Foreign Exchange entitled Daykeeper, a pefect tracl to end this rotation with.

It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to do this, primarily because of work (we all know how that is), and Old School Wednesdays. I’ll make a valiant attempt to do this once a month.
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