OSW: The UK Mix, 2009

i get by with a little help from some musical geniuses…

Old School Wednesday – The UK Mix , 2009

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01 – David Joseph – You Can’t Hide Your Love
02 – Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine
03 – Savanna – I Can’t Turn Away
04 – Incognito – Roots (Back To A Way Of Life)
05 – Loose Ends – Slow Down
06 – Five Star – Let Me Be The One (Philadelphia Remix)
07 – I-Level – Give Me
08 – Slam Slam f. Dee C. Lee – Round And Round
09 – Caron Wheeler – Jazzie B. – Soul II Soul – Free Again
10 – D’Influence – Magic
11 – The Average White Band – Atlantic Avenue
12 – The Brand New Heavies – Back To Love
13 – Ephraim Lewis – Rule for Life
14 – Mica Paris – Should’ve Known Better
15 – Omar – There’s Nothing Like This

This mix was a joy to make. I should call it The Cake Mix. Alana G suggested that I bake a cake that was, for all intents and purposes, the UK mix. I called on Michael W. and Ricky Mc. for ideas (ingredients). Michael W. came out with a multitude of ideas (ingredients) and both he and Ricky Mc. provided enough tracks to even come up with a second mix (another cake), which will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

I got a kick of David Joseph and Central Line, both of which I’ve used before in previous OSWs so it was natural to start out with those two, since they are consistently requested. Savannah’s track totally blows me away as I had never heard it before. It has somewhat of a early mellow house feel which always warms me. Incognito’s Roots features vocals by Pamela Anderson (think D*Note) and is a track from 100 And Rising which is a wonderful album, as are Loose Ends’ Zagora and Five Star’s Luxury of Life. Both th Loose Ends track and the Five Star track were produced by Nick Martinelli. The remixed version of Let Me Be The One has additional solos by Grover Washington, Jr.

I-Level is another track that I rarely get to hear and took a bit of time to track down. Slam Slam featring Dee C.is rarely played, and their CD has some nice gems. Caron and Jazzie B’s excellent duet is followed by Average White Band and The Brand New Heavies. Those wonderful cuts are then mellwed out by three tracks: one from Ephraim Lewis (RIP) and cuts from Mica Paris and Omar, both are which were produced by Omar.

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2 comments on “OSW: The UK Mix, 2009

  1. james madison says:

    Love this!
    Always can get into I-Level. Love the subtlety of the song..and the lyrics are clever. ^ _ ^
    Brings me back to 5th grade!!
    Central Line is always a feel good jam!
    Great job Selector!

  2. This mix inspired a menu. “EJ Flavors my Fish and Chips” Fish and chips with the volume turned way up, of course 🙂 Thank you EJ, your mixes have accompanied and inspired many wonderful moments in my kitchen.

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