In Rotation, Volume 22 – August, 2009

It’s been a long time coming.

In Rotation: Volume 22 – August 2009.
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01 – Tortured Soul – Your Dream Is My Dream [site]
02 – The Sunburst Band – Far Beyond [myspace]
03 – Jaspects – Unifunk [myspace]
04 – Stephanie McKay – Fiya [site]
05 – Jay ARE – Relax Ur Mind Featuring Tiffany Paige [site]
06 – Naturally 7 – Wall Of Sound [site]
07 – Chali 2na – When Will I See You Again (feat. Elzhi) [myspae]
08 – Don-E – Stay Awhile [myspace]
09 – Down to the Bone – Good to Me feat Roy Ayers [site]
10 – Jazzin’ Park – New Sun [amazon]
11 – Ledisi – Say No [site]
12 – Seek – Some All Night Dancing [amazon]
13 – King Britt and Vikter Duplaix – I’ll Do It For You [myspace]
14 – Liquid Spirits – Higher Ground [site]
15 – Ashley Thomas – A Tale Of Two Cities [site]

Admittedly, this has been long in coming but due to employment issues and the dearth of music, I had been reluctant to try to generate one. Perserverence and forethught prevailed. Somce new music has been a challenge, I went back into the archives and was able to pull a few gems to help with the flow of new music.

Tortured Soul’s Did You Miss Me? LP has always been in rotation, as well as The Sunburst Band’s spectacular instrumental Far Beyond. Unifunk is great blend of jazz and electronica, which I have always been wary of – until this album The Polkadotted Stripe. Jay ARE, consisting of John Robinson and J. Rawls has just recently come out with their album Jay ARE – 1960’s Jaz Revolution Again. Their track Relax Your Mind had me during the first 10 seconds of the song.

The septet Naturlally 7, a group who provides more than just simply a cappella with their music, is a force to be reckoned with. Their "Vocal Play" provides both sining and instrumentaton. My biggest regret is that I’ve been sleeping on them for so long. Chali 2Na and Elshi do hip hop justice with When Will I See You Again, and Don-E continues his abikity to groove with Stay Awhile.

It stands to reason that Down To THe Bone and Roy Ayers jam for 7 minutes with Good To Me, followed by Jazzin
Park’s New Sun. Ledisi’s Say No is from her new album Turn Me Loose which is essential for fans of Ledisi.

I went back in time for the next two tracks. Seek’s mellow funk Some All Night Daing is from their album from 2004, Jurney Into Day,while King Britt and Vikter Duplaix’s track I’ll Do It For You was released in 2001. I compete the wind-down with Liquid Spirit, who also has a track in Volume 21, continues the goodness with Higher Ground, while Ashley Thomas, also present in Volume 21, ends he belnd with A Take if Two Cities from the album of the same name.

Thanks for waiting so long – I’m hoping to start doing this monthly- time permitting.
As usual, take a listen to the podcast for more info. Special thanks to Foundation Media, Ariel Publicity, Soulbounce, and Macedonia. Take it light.

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