Michael Joseph Jackson – A Tribute.

Michael Joe Jackson – may he rest in peace. As Al Sharpton said, he’s more than an icon, an he will be missed.

Remembering Michael Jackson 

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01 – The Jackson 5 – Never Can Say Goodbye
02 – The Jackson 5 – Got To Be There
03 – The Jacksons – Who’s Lovin’ You
04 – Michael Jackson – Call On Me
05 – Michael Jackson – Ben
06 – Michael Jackson – With A Child’s Heart [‘Watch Me’]
07 – Michael Jackson – You Are There
08 – Michael Jackson – People Make The World Go ‘Round
09 – Jackson 5 – Love Is The Thing You Need
10 – Jackson 5 – If I Don’t Love You This Way
11 – Jackson 5 – Can You Remember
12 – Jackson 5 – All I Do Is Think Of You
13 – The Jacksons – Show You The Way To Go
14 – The Jacksons – Time Waits For No One
15 – The Jacksons – That’s What You Get For Being Polite
16 – Michael Jackson – Get On The Floor
17 – Michael Jackson – The Girl is Mine (Orginal Demo Version)
18 – Michael Jackson – Girlfriend
19 – Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It
20 – Michael Jackson – Butterflies

When I learned about MJs death, I received a couple of podcast requests. After seeing so many reflections of Michael and his performances through the late 70s through this decade, I felt that some of his early career hadn’t been considered. This is when I called on Todd Kelley’s knowledge to be able to touch on some of the early work by The Jacksons and Michael, as well as tracks from the 80s which weren’t necessarily the most popular, but definitely memorable. This, course, is like grabbing only a few dollars out of a big moneybag. Trying to fit them all on one CD is not easy- there is so much we weren’t able to touch on- but I hope you find this sampling of Mike’s spirit and talent them all on one CD touches you in some way. Shutouts go to KB and Fave as well or their touches on this ‘cast. Got requests? Send an email to ejflavors at gmail dot com. For those who’d like to subscribe to these podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. Also, please be sure to check out on Flowink.com always keepin’ you in the loop. Take it light.

10 comments on “Michael Joseph Jackson – A Tribute.

  1. KB says:

    As I listen to the music I am awestruck at how many sampled hits, chart toppers, and classics from the genres of pop, rock, & soul/R&B his music encompassed. I just pray that his spirit is (finally) at rest and that we, as a society, remember him for what he left behind, his timeless music.

  2. missumj says:

    mjackson RIP we love u relax now thank u for ur songs and dance move and love u show for da music u made

  3. james madison says:


  4. Kenya says:

    Someone had asked on Twitter “What was the first Michael Jackson song you heard?” I thought about it and couldn’t remember. Michael Jackson was ALWAYS there. I remember being in 5th grade and being in love with the Off the Wall album (still my favorite) but it couldn’t have been anything from there. After listening to this podcast, however, I remembered. It was “Got To Be There”. That song actually brought back some memories of childhood.
    Thanks for this tribute.

  5. Tyrika says:

    Ej this is exactly what we need to draw on and keep his music alive. Thank you for coming through as you always do with a tribute to a one of a kind legend. May he finally be able to rest in peace.

  6. Kellya309 says:

    I’m genuinely saddened. This feels reminiscent of Luther’s passing. I didnt know them but I feel like some of my memories have died with him, so strong is my association of his music with them. What joy they have given us! Thanks for providing the soundtrack for memories to come, EJ.
    Rest in peace Michael.

  7. perri says:

    My favorite song on this list is “Show You the Way to Go.” But, I think my favorite song in which Michael sings lead has GOT to be “I Don’t Know Why I Love You.” Simply wonderful.
    Gone too soon. Goodbye, MJ.

  8. Tonia says:

    Much like Kenya MJ has been there as long I have been alive. I can remeber thinking he was MY boyfriend when I was 5(he was 15). I can remember getting Off the Wall for my 11th birthday and not being able to wait to play it. Thriller was my HS years and Dangerous was during college. Even Butterflies from his 2001 album was a standout as I was in my early 30s. I can’t say I was his biggest fan but I am a fan nonetheless. To have a world w/o Michael will seem strange but I wish he could see the outpouring of love the world has for him. Despite his personal choices in life no one can deny the sheer talent he posessed.

  9. ms. alex says:

    ~ Still in shock…great tribute, E.

  10. Jen says:

    I love that you focused on the early years, one f my favorite J5 so songs was Maybe Tomorrow. I you do another play list, please include this song if you can.

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