This Thing: Cupid’s Hunt, 2009

Cupids's Hunt, 2009
Thanks to Mr. T. Grundy, I present:

This Thing: Cupid’s Hunt, 2009

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01 – D-Nell – This Thing
02 – Q-Burns Abstract Message – This Time (featuring Lisa Shaw)
03 – Don Blackman – Holding You, Loving You
04 – Amerie – Why Dont We Fall In Love
05 – Carl Thomas – My Valentine
06 – Giovanca – Pure Bliss
07 – Incognito – I Love What You Do For Me
08 – Ephraim Lewis – Drowning in Your Eyes
09 – Blaze – All That I Should Know
10 – Gaelle – Repetition
11 – D’Sound – Tattooed On My Mind
12 – Adriana Evans – Looking For Your Love
13 – Beanfield with Ernesto – Close to You
14 – Ivana Santilli – You’re So You
15 – Alexander O’Neal – The Morning After
16 – Amp Fiddler – Unconditional Eyes
17 – D Infuence – Falling

I decided to not try to focus on any particular genre, but tracks that made me feel great when I first heard them- and each time I listen to them. I started out with This Thing from D’Nell because the track was my favorite track of 2004 and upon hearing this track, I was hell bent on absorbing all that is D’Nell. I haven’t looked back since. The same thing can also be said about This Time when I was trying to discover all that is Lisa Shaw. Don Blackman’s old school track (that I actually heard off a new-school CD) brings us to throwbacks from Amerie (only 2 minutes, 49 seconds long), and Carl Thomas (scratching blended in with a wonderful string section hook).

Giovanca, Incognito (with Maysa on lead), and Eprhaim Lewis (RIP) with their Amsterdam and UK tracks are followed by New Jersey’s Blaze and one of my favorite tracks from this house group, All That I Should Know. This is followed by Gaelle’s Repetition (which is one of the simplest, yet most-layered tracks that simply say "I love you."). Oslo’s D’Sound has a track entitled Tattooed On My Mind that is followed by arguably my favorite Adriana Evans track from her first LP, Looking For Your Love, with it’s luxurious arrangement of horns strings, and xylophones accentuated by her vocals. Timeless.

Beanfield’s Close To You from the album Seek introduced me to Ernesto. I followed this up with Ivana Santilli’s You’re So You which came out the year before the background vocalist’s first album was released. (I believe you know him as a guy named Dwele). I kept it going with Alex’s The Morning After, Amp Fiddler’s Unconditional Eyes with vocals by Stephanie McKay, and capped it with the last track off of D-Influence’s London CD, Falling. Sarah Anne Webb’s vocals in the final 60 seconds gets me every time.

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2 comments on “This Thing: Cupid’s Hunt, 2009

  1. Fresh! says:

    Blaze, ‘Cog, and Beanfield w/Ernesto…mannn u are reppin’ well!! Nice playlist!

  2. Roddykat says:

    I see what you did here. Loved it! The D’nell, Amerie, and of course, Maysa among the others. Sweet!

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