OSW: This Kinda Lovin’

It’s a little cold outside. Let’s warm it up.

Old School Wednesday: This Kinda Lovin’

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01 – Mary Jane Girls – Candy Man
02 – Shalamar – Right In The Socket
03 – The Whispers – This Kind Of Lovin’
04 – Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots
05 – Patti Austin – The Heat of Heat
06 – Delegation – Heartache #9
07 – After 7 – Heat Of The Moment
08 – Starpoint – It’s All Yours
09 – Sybil – Don’t Make Me Over
10 – Stevie Wonder – All I Do
11 – Chaka Khan – Papillon (aka Hot Butterfly)
12 – Barkays – You Can’t Run Away
13 – Heatwave – Sho’nuff Must Be Luv

Of course, you know I had to jump back to excelent disco by Shalamar, one of The Whispers’ forgotten hits (produced by Leon Sylvers III), and Chaka’s voice, but I would be remiss if I didn’t put a little Patrice Rushen, Stevie, and two requests- After 7 and Sybil. Got requests? Send an email to ejflavors at gmail dot com. For those who’d like to subscribe to these podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. Also, please be sure to check out on Flowink.com always keeping you in the loop. Take it light.

4 comments on “OSW: This Kinda Lovin’

  1. ms. alex says:

    ~ Love that Stevie, Shalamar & Patrice..Love u 2, EJ. Happy holidays to you & errbody else!!

  2. james madison says:

    Great set!
    Haven’t heard Heat of Heat in a minute.
    Patrice…Ah! Great memories. Just a great feel good song.

  3. Nikki says:

    I’m thinkin’ baby………’bout you baby!

  4. Strollin says:

    Love Patti Austin. After hearing Chaka had to go listen to “Please Pardon Me” from her Rufus days. Was Delegation the same group who made the song “Oh Honey?”

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