OSW: Big Guns

Continuing the fall:

Old School Wednesday: Big Guns

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01 – Teena Marie – Behind the Groove
02 – Change – Paradise
03 – Sharon Redd – Beat The Street
04 – T-Connection – Take It To The Limit
05 – The Whispers – Rock Steady
06 – Midnight Star – Midas Touch
07 – Heatwave – The Big Guns
08 – Tomi Jenkins – Do Ya
09 – Shalamar – Help Me
10 – Luther Vandross – Better Love
11 – Chaka Khan – Stronger Than Before
12 – Earth Wind & Fire – You and I
13 – Patrice Rushen – Settle for My Love

Continuing the goodness from last week, I thought I’d kick it off with Teena’s Behind The Groove chosen by G-Force , Change’s Paradise, Sharon Redd’s Beat The Street as requested by Ricky, and T-Connection’s Take It To The Limit requested by Big Daddy. I then wanted to get into a little SOLAR sound, so I paired The Whispers’ Rock Steady with Midnight Star’s Midas Touch.

One of the great singles from Heatwave’s Candles LP continues the mix with Big Guns. If you’re familiar with Cameo then you know Tomi Jenkins, who released a solo LP in 1989 solo LP entitled Tomi. The track Do Ya was chosen for this week. Shalamar’s Help Me leads the way to Luther Vandross’ Better Love, a request from no other than Rodney L. Luther is followed up from one of my favorite cuts from Chaka Stronger Than Before from the LP I Feel For You. Earth Wind and Fire’s You And I and Patrice Rushen’s Settle For My Love are great quiet storm cuts that end the mix.

Special thanks again to G-Force, Big Daddy, Rodney L and Ricky McCarthy. Feedback like this keeps it flowin’ every week.
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9 comments on “OSW: Big Guns

  1. Michelle says:

    “Stronger Than Before” was written by Carole Bayer Sager. Her version came out a few versions before Chaka’s did. You might want to check that one out too. It’s more low key, but I like it.

  2. Michelle says:

    Dionne Warwick also did a version of that song as well.

  3. G-Fresh says:

    Patrice’s SETTLE FOR MY LOVE just saved 2 coworkers from getting punched in the face!!!! LOL!!! THANKS EJ

  4. james madison says:


  5. Fresh! says:

    Mannn….that Shalamar track, Help Me, ..that’s Butta. U know we were talkin; about how SOLAR used to bring it! Do I hear a podcast feature coming? heh! Excellent mix man…
    The Sunday Soundtrack

  6. Nikki says:

    Is that Tomi Jenkins from Cameo? Wow, lemme download now.

  7. ms.alex says:

    ~ Hey…I’ve been missin’ some good music ..thnks for da mix.

  8. ms.alex says:

    ~ BTW, like the nu look..

  9. sokari says:

    hi, found you on my blog log on my blog – always looking for good music sites and cant believe i missed this one for so long. good stuff

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