In Rotation, Volume 18 – August, 2008

As you know, Mr. Fresh has been dropping Sunday Soundtracks for some time now which has been a solid mainstay for every Sunday for me as well as many other fans. Since I’ve been busy with Old School Wednesdays it’s not easy to find time to drop my In Rotations. When I was finally able to find the time, it became more challenging to try to find a slot to be able to provide the podcast as there are so many great ones being dropped on the regular. In fact, I believe at last count I listen to about 10 every week. Mr. Fresh has changed his schedule for his Sunday Soundtracks to every two weeks, which enables me (with his blessing, of course) to be able to drop my In Rotations once every two weeks Sundays. Without further ado….

In Rotation: Volume 18, August 2008.
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01 – Ivana Santilli – Hollywood (Nothing Over U) [info]
02 – Reel People – Upside featuring Darien [purchase]
03 – Maya Azucena – This Time [site | hi-perspective | purchase]
04 – Incognito – Happy People [purchase]
05 – Robin Thicke – Magic [video | purchase]
06 – Dionne Farris – Every Day [myspace]
07 – Jah-C feat. Cavalier – Soul Banger [video | purchase]
08 – J*DaVeY – Slooow [purchase]
09 – Naked Music – Sticky Situation [purchase]
10 – Peter Hadar – Laugh Together [myspace]
11 – Keelay & Zaire – Alright With Me feat. D Minor and Phonte of Little Brother [myspace]
12 – Coultrain – Green [myspace]
13 – Plantlife – Got 2 Find A Better Way [myspace]
14 – Solar Kollektiv Orchestra – Atlantic Radio [purchase]
15 – Argentina – Stolen Identity [myspace | purchase]

Ivana’s Hollywood is one of the tracks from the anticipated LP TO.NY. As I’ve mentioned before, Reel People’s Seven Ways to Wonder is one of my favorite albums so far this year, and Upside is one of the great summer songs that’s been rotating lately. The same can also be said by This Time, a track from Hi-Perpective’s Expansions LP with vocals by Maya Azucena. Incognito’s Happy People with vocals by Tony Momrelle is followed by Robin Thicke’s Magic, from his upcoming LP Something Else.

I’m a fan of Dionne Farris and had to wait for a long time for a successor to the album Wild Seed, Wild Flower. The album Signs of Life is a nice edition to my catalog. I’m hoping to see her this year. If it’s any indication by the track Soul Banger, Jah-C will be one to watch this year. I’ll be on the lookout of more from him.

The tracks Slooow by J*Davey, Sticky Situaton by Naked Music, and Laugh Together by Peter Hadar give me more of the mellow
groove that is definitely my weakness, as you can see. This is followed by Keelay and Zaire’s track Alright With Me with rhymology by D Minor and Phonte, an absolutely solid track. I don’t think I can say enough about Coultrain’s track Green, from his LP The Adventures of Seymour Liberty which is in heavy rotation and is in the running for one of my favorite albums of the year. I’m still rockin’ Plantlife’s Time Traveller of course, and I’m antipating more from Solar Kollektiv Orchestra, which will be a nice surprise if Atlantic Radio is any indication. I then end this with of my favorite instrumentals of this year, Stolen Identity’s Argentina.

As usual, take a listen to the podcast for more info. Special thanks to Foundation Media, Ariel Publicity, Mr. Fresh, and Macedonia. Take it light.

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6 comments on “In Rotation, Volume 18 – August, 2008

  1. Sels says:

    Again I’m going to find myself broke after one of your In Rotations. This is hot, you got some of my favs on here and some new stuff I’m going to have to get.

  2. Thierno says:

    Haha. if a rotation’s got Incognito then you know Mr. Fresh must have had something to do with it. Cool, ‘fresh’ tracks (no pun intended), Mr. guitarplaya…

  3. DarrenKeith says:

    listening to irv #18 now and what’s cool with this podcast as well with your previous podcasts is just when I thought I’ve heard most music you come and throw a “wrench” in my thought process. It’s all good because I never get tired of learning about music, the artists, and the musicians.
    Thanx for another grandslam production dude. ^_^ Keep ’em coming.

  4. macedonia says:

    “got 2 find a better way” – one of my favorite songs from the new Plantlife album. i just wanna put a lighter up as soon as those horns kick in…

  5. Keelay says:

    Definitely an honor to be a part of this! Crazy cuz I just found out about a bunch of dope artists I’ve never heard before.. Much love..peace

  6. Mr Fresh says:

    A Sensei needs not my blessing…your musical gift has been a mainstay in my life…keep doing it right….Shouts to Thierno, Long Live The System….
    Incognito is forever hotness…u know this!

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