They say that 41 is the new 31. I don’t know about all that, but I do know it’s my birthday today. Before I start talking about something else other than music, let’s drop the Old School Wednesday given to us by Mr. G-Force and Yvonne, cause they’re SO good at it.

Old School Wednesday: Hang Tight

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01 – Jesse Johnson – Can You Help Me
02 – Today – Girl I Got My Eyes On You
03 – Tony Terry – Lovey Dovey
04 – Patti Austin – The Heat of Heat
05 – Alexander O’Neal – What’s Missing
06 – Curtis Hairston – The Morning After
07 – Bobby Thurston – I Know You Feel Like I Feel
08 – Keni Burke – Hang Tight
09 – Phyllis Hyman – Under Your Spell
10 – Deniece Williams – Cause You Love Me, Baby
11 – Tashan – So Much Love
12 – Vesta – Sweet, Sweet Love
13 – Shirley Jones – Do You Get Enough Love

I’m grateful to G-Force and Yvonne for subscribing goodness this time around, particularly with Jesse Johnson,
Alex O’ Neal, and especially songs from Keni Burke and Bobby Thurston – two tracks that I had never heard before. As you can tell, they are a formidable duo. Suffice it to say, you will be hearing more from them. Believe that.

I have yet to get the actual count right of how many OSWs have actually been done here, but
the count is somewhere around 194. Back in the day, the OSWs were a creation of the one and only, KB. I did a couple from his suggestion, then a couple became 5, and then he passed the torch to me. I still can’t tell you to this day why I haven’t just stopped doing it. Masochism? Craziness? Probably a little, but mostly because of the love I have for music. KB helped me expand that vibe, and to that I’m very grateful for it. But what’s even better are the people that helped me with this with their comments and emails, including Ms. Alex, Thierno, Wayne, VPayne, Qamar, James Madison, GrantLove…and the list goes on and on. (By any means, if your name was left out, it’s not because of lack of love- more than likely lack of memory…definitely let me know.

During OSWs, since I had so much time on my hands, I also did radio-blogs of songs I liked – no matter how different they were. The count of those is around 65 with no signs of slowing down. Podcasting was an offshoot of that, beginning without vocals, and then when I discovered that people actually vibe to someone whose vocals are reminiscient Mickey Mouse except in an MP3 format, I kept on doin’ it, getting slightly better each time. If it weren’t for the bloggers Honey, Lis, Todd Kelley, Nikki, and TGrundy, I would have given up a long time ago.

…but here I am, still doing them, which of course begs the question is, "whatever happened to that thing called blogging?" Well, things combined with my weekly podcasting like Friendfeed, Twitter, and Plurk to name a few, I haven’t felt the need to blog about anything. I’m going to attempt to change that because when all is said and done, I still do miss what blogging used to be back in the day. In fact, I’ll start this by breaking the ice – let’s get to know EJ a little better. If you have questions about me, post the question here or email me directly at ejflavors at and I’ll be sure to answer them. I’ll also try to give you a little more insight into my life, which isn’t a whirlwind, but more like a steady stream with a big rock here and there. So there you go. Give up a happy birthday to ya boy.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. You won’t hear my voice much in the podcast, because of time constraints, but I’ll be back next week, definitely. Thanks to G-Force and Yvonne for mixin’ it up quite nicely. For those who’d like to subscribe to these podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. Also, please be sure to check out on, where there’s always great music to check out. If you have requests or questions, send an email to ejflavors [@] gmail [.] com. Take it light.

14 comments on “OSW: Hang Tight

  1. TGrundy says:

    EJ, have a great and wonderful birthday, my friend! As usual, a very fine and listenable mix to get us all started off on a Wednesday morning. I especially like the Patti Austin/Alexander O’Neal cuts back-to-back, those have always been two of my favs.

  2. Thierno says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Flavors. How is that for a twist? On your B-Day, you are the one giving out presents. I would protest, if I were you -haha. Enjoy your day. Thanks to Mr. G-Force and Yvonne for an excellent mix.

  3. ms. alex says:

    ~ Happy Happy Birthday to u EJ!! May you be blessed with good health, a sane mind, and many happy returns of the day!! P.S. Thanks for JJ & Alex especially…(smooches)

  4. Honest says:

    EJ da DJ Happy Birthday!

  5. Nikki says:

    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. Wishing you many happy birthdays and more!

  6. TGrundy says:

    @ms. alex – a “sane mind”?! C’mon, this is EJ we’re talkin’ about, you know that doesn’t apply to HIM! (Ha! couldn’t resist!)

  7. ms. alex says:

    ~ TG: hahaha! (& u call yrslf a frnd!)

  8. ms. alex says:

    ~ EJ: btw, thx for the nice shoutout to me! I know it’s hrd wk but keep doin whatcha doin (U.NO.I.LUV.U!)

  9. G-Force says:

    Happy B-day EJ!!
    The list is kinda hot if I do say so myself. Enjoy your day.

  10. anewlis says:

    Aww – thanks for the love! You gotta know it’s reciprocated! You are the man EJ! Always on the come up with great music and wonderful conversations! Happy Birthday my friend! Enjoy this and all days that follow and keep hittin’ us with excellent music!
    Luv ya!

  11. james madison says:

    Happy Birthday, EJ!!!!!!

  12. DJ Diva says:

    I haven’t heard “Lovey Dovey” in like forever LOL
    Here I was shouting you out on twitter and didn’t come to the blog! So Sorry..
    HAAAAAAAAPPPPPY B’Day Sensei, Mentor, Friend and Fellow Prince Trekkie LOL

  13. chica says:

    Happy belated birthday!

  14. Yolanda says:

    Umm, today is Wednesday, July 23, 2008. Umm, yeah, I’m just saying, umm, ’cause I was thinking we should have an Old School Wednesday for like today’s date. *twiddling thumbs patiently* Umm, yeah . . . LMAO

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