OSW: On My Own

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Old School Wednesday: On My Own

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01 – Jesse Johnson – Be Your Man
02 – Xavier – Work That Sucker To Death
03 – Gary’s Gang – Knock Me Out
04 – Windjammer – Tossing And Turning
05 – Oran ‘Juice’ Jones – Rock The Night Away
06 – Debra Laws – On My Own
07 – Roy Ayers – Poo Poo La La
08 – The Jones Girls – Knockin’
09 – Phyllis Hyman – When You Get Right Down To It
10 – The Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23
11 – Billy Ocean – Whatever Turns You On
12 – The Sylvers – Falling For Your Love
13 – Switch – Calling On All Girls

I’m sure that most of the masses are familiar with Be Your Man, and quite possibly Xavier’s Work That Sucker To Death, along with the vocalists on the track that should sound familiar. I then follow up with two tracks that were much more popular in England than they were here in the US (and that were unfamiliar to me until now)- Gary’s Gang’s Knock Me Out and Windjammer’s Tossing and Turning. Oran ‘Juice’ Jones breaks through with another tune injected with humor, Rock The Night Away.

Debra Laws’ On My Own (yet another solid track I was unfamiliar with) and Roy Ayers’ Poo Poo La La is follwed by yet another solid track that didn’t receive a lot of play, Knockin’, from the On Target CD. Phyllis’ When You Get Right Down To It and The Brothers Johnson’s Strawberry Letter 23 is followed by Billy Ocean’s Whatever Turns You On from Nights (Feel Like Getting Down). The Sylvers’ Falling For Your Love, from Bizarre. We then end with a solid track – with a fantastic duet – from Switch II, Calling On All Girls. and Strawberry Letter 23.

In the podcast, I give a little more detail about Switch, Windjammer, and more. If you’re so inclined, take a listen. Special thanks to TGrundy for a lil’ help in this one (as usual), G-Fresh, and Yvonne. For those who’d like to subscribe to these podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. If you have requests or questions, send an email to ejflavors [@] gmail [.] com. Take it light!

6 comments on “OSW: On My Own

  1. james madison says:

    Ahh! Thanks for Gary’s Gang and Windammer! That is, “What’s up!”

  2. LondonCiar says:

    Great memories mate especially Jones Girls and Gary’s Gang cashing in on their first hit. Havent heard them for 25 years.
    Nice one fella!

  3. ms. alex says:

    ~ Strawberry Letter 23 is MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE SONG EVERY WRITTEN IN THE WORLD..thank u
    ~ Love me sum Jesse J!

  4. G-Fresh says:

    POO POO LA LA – haha!! EJ you know what time it is!!

  5. TGrundy says:

    Hey! Is that a Ms. Alex sighting I see? Hey. Ms. Alex!
    EJ, I think I can consider this the FIRST official mix of the summer. It has that “hanging out in the park”, “cooking outside on the grill” feeling all over it to me. Man, I had forgotten just how good that Windjammer group was. Their stuff is on fiya!

  6. ms. alex says:

    TGrundy: yessss..I am trying to get back in the swing of things! I’ve missed you, EJ & GrantLove, T Kelly, etc. Will go back try to catch up on the music I’ve missed. You guys stay blessed!!
    EJ: got yr note. It so nice to be missed!!!!

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