OSW: Acid Jazz, Volume 4

Back from Podcamp 2.0 which was a beautiful thing, no doubt. The trip to NYC was inspiration for this OSW:

Old School Wednesday: Acid Jazz, Volume 4.

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01 – D-Influence – Changes
02 – Donald Byrd – Sister Love
03 – Brooklyn Funk Essentials – The Creator Has A Master Plan
04 – Swing Out Sister – Don’t Let Yourself Down
05 – Carleen Anderson – Nervous Breakdown
06 – Bob James – Nautilus
07 – Incognito – I Love What You Do For Me
08 – James Taylor Quartet – Summer Fantasy
09 – Jhelisa – Whirl Keeps Turning
10 – Stylistics – People Make The World Go Round
11 – Repercussions – Test Of Time
12 – Herbie Hancock – Chameleon
14 – Loose Ends – Choose Me

Let’s see, where do I begin? Well, we start off with D’Influence’s Changes, one of the tracks from the their initial release Good4We. That track grooves you right into Donald Byrd’s Sister Love, from the 1973 album Street Lady. Brooklyn Funk Essentials’ The Creator Has A Master Plan is a rendition of the original Pharoah Sanders track. It’s followed by Carleen Anderson’s Nervous Breakdown, which marked my official introduction into acid jazz. I tracked down Bob James’ Nautilus after I heard the remake of the track from Nuyorican Soul (a very, very solid album).

Incognito’s track I Love What You Do For Me is from Vibes, Tribes and Scribes, continuing on to James Taylor Quartet and Jhelisa’s Whirl Keeps Turning from Galactica Rush. The Stylistics extended version of People Make The World Go Round (reintroduced by Zero 7’s Anotherlatenight) leads the way into Repercussions’ Test Of Time, another solid LP. Herbie’s Chameleon is from the 1973 album Headhunters. After Herbie’s track, the mix is then concluded by Loose Ends’ Choose Me from A Little Spice.

The podcast is here for your listenin’ pleasure, so if you’re so inclined, take a listen [coming soon]. Special thanks to Macedonia for the much needed push, and especially for those people I met at Podcamp NYC 2.0, which was very enligtening (as a matter of fact, it was so good, I’ve already started planning for the next trip to NYC, believe that.) For those who’d like to subscribe to these podcasts, enter this link manually into iTunes. If you have requests or questions, send an email to ejflavors [@] gmail [.] com. Take it light!

2 comments on “OSW: Acid Jazz, Volume 4

  1. james madison says:

    Good stuff, EJ!
    That Brooklyn Essentials is great!
    Funny you posted Nautilus by B. James. I copped the CD 3 months ago. Whenever first heard this track a few years ago I was like “Dang! Run DMC, The Rza, Stetsasonic, X-Clan, Nikki D, Queen Latifah, Eric B and Rakim….well, virtuatually EVERYONE sampled this! Sheesh! A riot. One song.
    Great post. Hate we didn’t connect In Nueva York. Let me know when you plan on returning.
    All the best!
    JM AKA E Double

  2. Roddykat says:

    nautilus, Chameleon, and Stylistics. 3 of my faves! I’ll be checking this out for sure.

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