OSW: Batteries In The Boombox, Volume II

Get your Ray-O-Vac D Batteries out. It’s time to put more….

Old School Wednesday: Batteries In The Boom Box, Volume II

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01 – Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three – Request Line
02 – Whodini – Escape (I Need a Break)
03 – Kraftwerk – Tour De France
04 – Kano – I’m Ready
05 – Laid Back – White Horse
06 – Tyrone Brunson – The Smurf
07 – Extra T’s – I Like It (Corn Flakes)
08 – Worlds Famous Supreme Team – Hey DJ
09 – Blondie – Rapture
10 – Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait
11 – Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood
12 – Monie Love – Monie In The Middle
13 – Kurtis Blow – Don’t Stop The Body Rock
14 – UTFO – Leader Of The Pack

I had a couple of tracks on my mind for the past month, and after hearing Hey DJ, I enlisted the help of Macedonia, who was the catalyst for Hey DJ and even had me pull out Extra T’s I Like It (Corn Flakes). Then, when I had The Smurf and Escape on my mind, I casually called up Theresa, who, in short order, came up with some serious tracks, including Wordy Rappinghood, Tour De France, and Monie In The Middle.

[3/6 Edit – thanks to some feedback, it was identified that there were some errors in the podcast. These errors have been rectified. Sorry for the mishaps.]

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8 comments on “OSW: Batteries In The Boombox, Volume II

  1. Yoooooo, Money!!!!!! You really went there and got sick with it!!!!
    I have not heard Tom Tom Club’s “Wordy Rappinghood” in like..forever!
    Leader of The Pack by UTFO – I remember the only time I could see this
    video (before cable for me) was on UHF channel 31 in New York. A show
    called Video Music Box hosted by Ralph Mcdaniels and The Vid Kid and
    another UHF channel that played videos on station 68 called U68 around
    That Kano joint is the hype. I want to say that they used that intro as a
    theme to a interactive game show that used to come on Channel 11 WPIX back
    in the day. It was an after school thing where either kids called the TV
    station or the station called the kids at home and they shouted “Pix” to
    activate the lasers or the slidey block-like things on the game pong while
    whoever was in New York City could see the outcome of the game.
    Oh snap, Money E! This is a cool trip!

  2. Trader Mike says:

    Great job as always man. You know I’m loving that Smurf. Also hadn’t heard Wordy Rappinghood & I’m Ready by Kano in forever. Big a$$ smile on my face right now. 🙂

  3. Theresa Bell says:

    Yo! E! This was HOT baybeee! (Can you tell I watched “Idol” last night?)
    And I aint just saying that ’cause I helped. This joint made me feel really good. Somebody told Blondie that she was doin her thang and America believed it! WOW!! Thanks for allowing me to assist in your DJ duties! It was completely terrifying and I hope to return the favor! Haha.
    Luv Theresa

  4. Mann, you’re killing me. This takes me back to the 10th and 11th grade. Every song has a memory, like how we convened the French teacher to let us play “Tour de France” because is had French lyrics. Check it, I had the loudest Boom Box on the block, double woofers, LED VU meters, mic and phono inputs, you couldn’t tell me jack!!! Took 6 or 8 D batteries to run the thing.

  5. Gary says:

    YO you got me hooked every Wed.!!!
    you gots to throw 2 old joints on here for me Ray Parker- Jamie used to be my girl and Keni Burke – Something New(Sweet Melody) that one is a hard to finder but I know you got the skills

  6. Nikki says:

    Great minds think alike, my brotha. I used both the Laid Back cut and the Kraftwerk cut just a couple of weeks ago in my Electro-Hop mix.

  7. perri says:

    Good call on “White Horse” and “Rapture”; both of these joints are on my mp3 player. I’ve always liked “Wordy Rappinghood” too.

  8. Alfred says:

    Man, I haven’t heard Kraftwerk in a while. Pretty good list.

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