In Rotation, Volume 15 – February, 2008

Let’s do this.

In Rotation: Volume 15, February 2008.
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01- Ralf Gum featuring Monique Bingham – Kissing Strangers – [purchase]
02- Alix Alvarez featuring Nate James – Not To Mention –
03- Chris Ballin – Full-Time Lover [more info below]
04- Reel People feat. Tony Momrelle & Imaani – Amazing
[video | info]
05- Simbad featuring Rob Li – Here We Stand [purchase]
06- 410 Pharaohs – Real Fresh – [video]
07- Donn – All The Beauty [info | purchase]
08- Samantha James – Right Now
09- Stacy Epps – Floatin’ [download]
10- Beady Belle with India.Arie– Self-Fulfilling [purchase]
11- Vaceo – Room For All [purchase]
12- Albright – Tainted [purchase | video]
13- Caron Wheeler – Still Running [info/purchase]
14- Jean Grae & 9th Wonder – Love Thirst (Clean) [info]
15- Kia El Amin – Creative [info]

The blend is kicked off with two dance/house tracks – one with Ralf Gum w/Monique Bingham and another from Alix Alvarez with Nate James. I have got to say that I’ve been graced with more house music…more GOOD house music….than I have for a while. Chris Ballin- whose voice should sound familiar to you (Beneath The Surface should ring a bell)- comes forward with a track from Do It Right called Full Time Lover. Reel People march right out of the gate with a tune from their just-released Seven Ways To Wonder CD entitled Amazing.

Simbad then comes forward with Rob Li with Here We Stand, which brings us to a nice hip-hop track from the 410 Pharoahs entitled Real Fresh which I’m definitely feeling. This is followed by a track from DJ Junior’s Excursions CD, entitled All The Beauty by Donn. Samantha James keeps it flowing with another track from Rise entitled Right Now, bringing us to Stacy Epps (Madvillain anyone?) with Floatin’.

I don’t think I can say enough about Beady Belle. Her Belvedere CD is not to be missed. India.Arie is graced on the upifiting track Self-Fulfilling. Rainbow Soul keeps it flowing with Vaceo’s Room For All, flowing right into Albright’s great reworking of a track we remember from back in the day, Tainted (Love).

Former D-Influence members Kwame Kwaten and Steve Marten
deliver the goods with the D’Vas After Hours CD, which has a stellar track with lead vocals from no other than Caron Wheeler called Still Running. Finishing up the podcast on a great note is Jean Graw & 9th Wonder with Love Thirst and Kia El Amin’s track Creative from DC Soul In The Cut’s album Share A Moment of Love.

As usual, take a listen to the podcast for more info. Special thanks to Foundation Media for keepin’ me aware of good music, particularly the 410 Pharoahs and Jean Grae. Take it light.

More info:

Do It RightChris Ballin
“Full-Time Lover” (mp3)
from “Do It Right”
(The Intimate Music Group)

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3 comments on “In Rotation, Volume 15 – February, 2008

  1. james madison says:

    I just started to listen…and I’m already feeling it…
    Can’t wait to hear the Jean Grae track!
    House Music All Night Long!

  2. OMG EJ, I’ve been trying to track down that Vaceo tune for an entire year!!!! The only way I could find it was some thru some UK download site!!! OH WOW! Thanks a bunch, you are a music guru I swear.

  3. OMG EJ I’ve been trying to get that Vaceo tune for over a year now!! It was only available on a UK site as a download only. You are truly a musical guru I swear!

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