OSW – New Jack Swing, Volume 4

I thought I told you that I don’t stop…..

Old School Wednesday: New Jack Swing, Volume IV.

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01 – MC Lyte – Ice Cream Dream
02 – Guy – ‘Round and ‘Round (Merry Go ‘Round of Love)
03 – Today – I Got The Feeling
04 – Heavy D and The Boyz – Somebody For Me
05 – Father MC – I’ll Do For You
06 – Al B. Sure – Rescue Me
07 – Wrecks-N-Effect – New Jack Swing
08 – Jasmine Guy – Try Me
09 – Krush – Let’s Get Together (So Groovy Now)
10 – Keith Sweat – Something Just Ain’t Right
11 – The Gyrlz – Jam Jam (If You Can)
12 – Tara Kemp – Hold You Tight
13 – Teddy Riley feat Tammy Lucas – Is It Good To Ya
14 – Keisha Jackson – Mama Told Me

Let’s see, with MC Lyte,
Guy, and Today starting you off, you didn’t think it could get any better, right? But see, there’s Heavy D, Father MC, Al B, and Wrecks-N-Effect to bring it to you, only to be followed by Jasmine, Krush (where are they now?), Keith, The Gyrlz, Tara, Tammy Lucas, and ending with understated Keisha Jackson. You forgive me for being late, right? Right? C’mon….

…and yes, there will be a rotation coming this weekend. Watch for it.

Take it light.

9 comments on “OSW – New Jack Swing, Volume 4

  1. Fave says:

    u know I’m LOVING this OSW, right? This takes me back 2 a wonderful time in my life.
    Sister2Sister just did an article on Big Bubb – can we get some of him next time??? 😀

  2. Nikki says:

    I swear I just downloaded The Gyrlz album yesterday. I had the cassette back in the day. It’s All Because Of You and It’s Over were my favorite cuts on that album.

  3. Thierno says:

    EJ, I see you’re in a NJS mood, huh? Well, I’m gonna pull out my baggy pants & ‘Polka Dot’ shirts – LOL. Is It Good To Ya still is on heavy rotation in my library – Pure Classic. Thanks.

  4. james madison says:

    Maaaaaa—-aaannnn. High School al over again. Keith Sweat and Al B. Daaaaa-aaaag!!! Funny. People always said Al could not sing in comparison to others but I totally dug the synthetic stylings of the vocals on his early works. Anybody know what happened to the team of Al B and his cousin Kyle West?
    The were to me a great team..Al’s lyrics and Kyle’s music. Everyone knows the Tevin Campbell material they produced together and The Gyrlz (I saw Monica In Brooklyn, NY) a year ago. STILL beautiful! The jump for me ws the tune “I’ve Waited
    Too Long” by a singer named Cheyanne…..TOTAL CLUB BANGER!!!!
    Thanks for the trip EJ!!!!!!

  5. Herb_B_Sure says:

    bruh, you took me back…I used to try to look and sing like Al B back in the day…the girls loved that unibrow cat!!! Tara Kemp??? The blue-eye soul sista…she had another jam with that same beat: Piece Of My Heart…i used to bump a couple of her jamz in my ’86 Grand Am…hahahaha

  6. Lesley says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Jam Jam(If You Can) was my jam!

  7. I totally forgot about that Jasmine Guy song.

  8. DJ DIva says:

    You Killed This Shit EJ!!!!

  9. nunya says:

    Thank you–I was looking for that Krush song from Mo’ Money, and you had me jammin’ Tara Kemp and Mc Lyte. I actually have that Jasmine Guy cd, and I wish she had kept making music.

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