OSW: Acid Jazz, Volume 3

As promised, the third wave:

Old School Wednesday: Acid Jazz, Volume III.

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Podcast/mix available here. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.]

01 – The Brand New Heavies – Spend Some Time
02 – Incognito – Good Love
03 – Najee – Mysterious
04 – Jocelyn Brown – I Am the Black Gold of the Sun
05 – Jhelisa – Hold My Peace
06 – Angie Stone & Guru – Keep Your Worries
07 – JazzHole – Is It Still Love?
08 – Shola Ama – I Love Your Ways
09 – D-Influence – Phuncky Times
10 – Maysa – What About Our Love?
11 – Donald Fagen – The Nightfly
12 – Carleen Anderson – Ain’t Givin up on You
13 – Jamiroquai – Everyday
14 – Sade – Never as Good as the First Time

Carleen Anderson and her cousins Jhelisa and Pamela (lead vocals in Incognito’s Good Love), are present here. I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun is one of my favorite tracks from Nuyorican Soul, and I am a big fan of Maysa’s “All My Life” album as evident by What About Our Love? Along with Shola, Jamiroquai and the others, this is a little something that will please acid jazz fans.

Take it light.

11 comments on “OSW: Acid Jazz, Volume 3

  1. tgrundy says:

    You know, I get excited when I see the word “jazz” and the name “EJFlavors” together. I have really come to look forward to this “Acid Jazz” series that the “Wizard of Wednesday” has put together. It’s funny, EJ is adding more jazzy grooves to his mixes (after having already established that he can lay down some funky, party sounds with the best of them) and the mixes on RIBS are taking on a more funky, uptempo groove. Is the world is turning upside-down? {smile}

  2. Nikki says:

    Oh snap, I was just listening to that Jocelyn Brown cut last night. Great minds think alike.

  3. james madison says:

    Good selections man! This is what I need on a cool Spring day in NYC!
    The What The Heck moment came to me with Jocelyn Brown. I did not know that was her on that track. For some reason I can only hear and picture the, ”IIIIIII—Can’t get off my high horse.” It seems I have given her a personal trademark with that song. LOL! I know she did other material such as her work with the group Change which I had to go out and purchase just BECAUSE.
    Donald Fagen is the man! Haven’t heard that Najee in a minute!
    Cool session man. As always

  4. Ariya says:

    Dear E.J.,
    Hi … :). I was wondering what your opinion is on English singer Amy Winehouse’s album “Back to Black”, if you’ve heard of her that is :)?

  5. D'west says:

    E, been out of the country for the last 3 weeks, and been out of touch. But back–and when I saw the list, I knew your mind was working overtime…Thanks for the uplift this weekend.

  6. BDJ says:

    Another list that has some European tracks. Sweet!
    Some nice to listen too when I come in from work.
    Alrighty now…

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