OSW: Out Of Thin Air, Volume 11

I’ve got another acid jazz compilation and a new jack swing one coming up within the next month. In the meanwhile, by request:

Old School Wednesday: Out Of Thin Air, Volume XI.

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Podcast/mix available here. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.]

01 – Mac Band – Roses Are Red
02 – Jody Watley – Your Love Keeps Working on Me
03 – Portrait – Commitment
04 – Karyn White – Weakness
05 – Change – You Are My Melody
06 – Stevie Wonder – I Love You Too Much
07 – Ralph Tresvant – Sensitivity
08 – Guy – Let’s Stay Together
09 – After 7 – Truly Something Special
10 – Troop – You Take My Heart With You
11 – Lalah Hathaway – Baby Don’t Cry
12 – Michael Cooper – Come To Me
13 – Al B. Sure! – Touch You
14 – Jevetta Steele – Love Is A Losing Game

Hope you enjoy these grooves. Take it light.

6 comments on “OSW: Out Of Thin Air, Volume 11

  1. tgrundy says:

    Let’s see… last week it snowed on Monday, it was cold and dreary all week and there was no OSW on Wednesday morning. This week it’s warm and sunny, Spring is in the air, the plants are blooming, the grass is growing and there’s an OSW this morning. Coincedence? Hmmmm…

    OBTW, speaking of “acid jazz” while researching last week’s Triple Play Thurs-Day mix I stumbled upon this guy, DJ Smash (official site: DJ Smash.net and Wikipedia article). Looks like he’s created some really nice remixes of this type.

  2. james madison says:

    Good material here.
    The Mac Band.Summer of 1988. Met a good friend by the name of Nicole back then. Good summer fun, good summer music. Hilarious when I think about it. The MC Big Daddy Kane just released a single called “Set It Off.” All through out New York City ypu would her cats blasting that jam and recognizing it easily from the sampled and looped guitar licks from James Brown.
    Karyn White – YES
    Portrait – One of the real good R&B cats of the 90’s!
    Really like these selections..and last weeks too! (Didn’t get a chance to post on those choice gems!)

  3. Fave says:

    Wasn’t Michael from GOOD TIMES in the group, Portrait?

  4. Nikki says:

    I wonder if the Mac Brothers are still in Texas?

  5. D'West says:

    E, this takes me back to my first broken heart…Man, That Jevetta Steel killed me, I was 10, my cousins girl was like 18, and I loved her, don’t know why, but she was fyne in my mind…OK I”m over it now, Phew thank goodness…Love is a game played by fools….That hurt, cause I was a fool at 10…ha ha…….One…..

  6. John says:

    EJ, where’s the MP3 file? Keep up the good work

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