OSW: Acid Jazz, Volume 2

I’ve recovered from the stomach madness – thanks for bearing with me. My apologies!
Continuing on:

Old School Wednesday: Acid Jazz, Volume II.

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01 – Side Effect – Always There
02 – Dexter Wansel – Life On Mars
03 – D-Influence – Sweetest Things
04 – Guru feat. Ronny Jordan – No Time To Play
05 – US3 – Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)
06 – Jhelisa – Whirl Keeps Turning
07 – Carleen Anderson – Welcome to Changes / Ian’s Groove Conclusion
08 – Repercussions – Test Of Time
09 – Incognito – All That You Want Me To Be
10 – Down To The Bone – Long Way From Brooklyn
11 – Najee – Knocks Me Off My Feet
12 – Izit – Don’t Give Up Now
13 – Ronny Jordan – After Hours
14 – Ramsey Lewis – Love For A Day

I’m sure you know quite a few of these tunes. The ones that I heard prominently on the radio are Side Effect’s Always There and US3’s Cantaloop. Dexter Wansel’s Life On Mars was played for me during one of my trips to Philadelphia back in the 80s, and D-Influence’s Sweetest Things was played repeatedly when I had Good 4 We in the deck.

Jhelisa and her cousin Carleen are two of my favorite female singers, while Repercussion’s track from Earth and Heaven is one of my favorite ones off the CD. Incognito and Down To The Bone lead way to Najee’s foray into acid jazz, which segues into one of my favorite Izit tracks. We then mellow out with Ronnie and Ramsey.

My apologies for the wait – hope you enjoy.

6 comments on “OSW: Acid Jazz, Volume 2

  1. tgrundy says:

    EJ: No need to apologize, partner, we all are just glad that your discomfort was short-lived and that you are feeling better. As a matter of fact, from the looks of the nice mix you’ve put together, I’d say that you are feeling “just fine!” The Side Effect and Dexter cuts were big back in the college days. And you can never go wrong with Incognito, Najee, and Ramsey. Yep, looks like you are doing A-OK!

  2. steelerfunk says:

    Hope you’re feeling a lot better. That “Life on Mars” track is on fire. I was also digging that Ramsey Lewis track as well.

  3. femi says:

    Hi EJ,
    I live in Lagos, Nigeria and i simply love your old skool stuff!!!
    I’m a big acid jazz fan so this mix is timely.
    Would love to hear “walkin the dog” by Karyn White and “too many fish” by Frankie Knuckles..any chance of that?

  4. BDJ says:

    Don’t sweat it. The bottom line is that you’re doing better.
    That Ronny Jordan track was very good, while you can’t go wrong period with Incognito (they are my all-time favorite group…even back to the days of Light of the World).
    “Life on Mars”…where’d that track come from? I was really digging that and for some reason, it had me thinking of my childhood on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
    Great job.

  5. D'West says:

    E-Glad you are feeling better. Thanks for putting Ronnie on this rotation. Anything by Dexter will groove you. Hey, don’t forget to keep looking for something by Rodney Franklin. 78-84 were some of the best years for music..
    Peace and Blessings

  6. COA says:

    Love the flow of the mixes. Makes working online a more pleasant experience. Much respect!

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