Rotatin’, Volume 8

I was able to attend a wonderfully awesome podcast seminar this past weekend. Let me tell you that I’m excited now because it now pushes me forward to make some changes this year. There were great seminars, and I met some very, very knowledgeable and exciting people. Through their wisdom and teachings I managed to obtain some really good audio equipment.

Because of this (and all the good music out there these days), rotations will now be every 2 weeks now and podcasts will now contain my voice. Trust me, I will probably sound like Alvin (just call me MC Chipmunk), but should make it more personable instead of just melodies. This is the first of the set that I did last week without the equipment, which is also available over at Flowink, along with Sincere’s.

Rotatin’ : Volume 8, March 2007.
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01 – Blaze – Found Love (Shrine DJ Vocal Mix)
02 – Robbscott – Revolution
03 – Elmore Judd Feat Fae Simon – Your Eyes
04 – Roy Ayers – Funk In The Hole (Platinum Pied Pipers Remix)
05 – Natalie Williams – You Don’t Know
06 – Koop – I See A Different You
07 – 4hero feat. Carina Andersson – Morning Child
08 – Nicole Willis – All the Time
09 – Iman – Who Was I Trying To Fool
10 – Sy Smith – Bad On You
11 – Anthony David – Stop Playin’
12 – Eric Roberson – If I Had A Chance
13 – Emmanuel – Right Here
14 – 4hero feat. Jack Davey – Take My Time
15 – Conya Doss – The One
16 – Darien Brockington – Come On Over

I’m here to tell you that I’m a huge fan of Blaze’s ability to mix tracks, as you will see on Found Love, which is a perfect segue into Robbscott’s Revolution. The song that I keep playing like it’s going out of style is Elmore Judd’s Your Eyes, with the vocals of Fae Simon gracing the track and Yam Who? putting their own spin into it. Funk In The Hole is nicely mixed by Platinum Pied Pipers, which enables the track to transcend jazz, hip hop, and soul. It’s all about Natalie Williams’ vocal stylings and the terrific flute on You Don’t Know which is absolutely fantastic.

Koop’s I See A Different You and 4Hero’s Morning Child have fantastic instrumentation, as does Nicole Willis’ All The Time. Iman’s Who Was I Trying to Fool (from Brownswood Bubblers) is followed by tracks by Sy Smith, Anthony David, and Eric Roberson. Mellowing us out is a cut from 4Hero’s Take My Time, sung by Jack Davey, Conya Doss’ The One, and Darien Brockington’s Come On Over finishing out the sex.

Hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for more rotations.

3 comments on “Rotatin’, Volume 8

  1. james madison says:

    Yes!! This is tight..You do it all the time man. You could show more than a few DJ’S on public radio how to put it on.
    Love Koop, Anthony Davis, Darien Brockington and Conya…everything. Not disparaging
    radio but the artist you play and your selections should be looked upon as the mold to follow when it comes to great music.
    Man, you are the “Underground” Frankie Crocker!!!!!!!
    Public Hi Key Shout Out and Thanks for that special treat!!
    Smooth as Crystal. : )

  2. CopaseticSoul says:

    i havent listened to this mix yet but im diggin it

  3. Thierno says:

    I agree with all sentiments above. No more needs to be said.
    Peace & Thanks.

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