OSW: NJS, Volume 1

Near the end of the 80’s and on into the 90’s, that which we call New Jack Swing was
in full effect. My mission given to me by some of my friends from around the US is to revisit that era, which took place more than 12 years ago. I present

Old School Wednesday: NJS, Volume I.

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Podcast/mix available here. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.]

01 – Bell Biv Devoe – Poison
02 – Timmy Gatling – Help
03 – Jade – Don’t Walk Away
04 – Another Bad Creation – Playground
05 – Al B. Sure – If I’m Not Your Lover
06 – Today – Why You Gettin’ Funky On Me
07 – Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel
08 – Christopher Williams – Dreamin’
09 – Samuelle – So You Like What You See
10 – En Vogue – Hold On
11 – Guy – I Like
12 – The Good Girls – It Must Be Love
13 – Troop – All I Do Is Think of You
14 – Johnny Gill – My, My, My

The film New Jack City was the impetus for this mix, as Christopher Williams’ Dreamin’ was requested. Based on this, Poison and Don’t Be Cruel, arguably two of the most popular New Jack Swing cuts, had to be included. While Al B. Sure and the trio Guy were well known during this era, there were people like Timmy Gatling who were behind the boards for quite a few artists who didn’t receive much airplay.

I went back and reached into the crates for Today (remember House Party?) , Another Bad Creation and Samuelle, made sure the ladies were represented by Jade, En Vogue, and The Good Girls, and slowed it down at the end with Troop and Johnny Gill who were just as good with slowing down the tempo as they were for speeding it up.

Many props to Bernie and CoachMVP for starting it up.
Take it light.

11 comments on “OSW: NJS, Volume 1

  1. tgrundy says:

    EJ, I’m just a movin’ and a groovin’ this morning to the sounds of New Jack Swing while getting ready for the day at work. Man, this NJS mix is “nicety”! Hell, on Wednesdays I don’t even turn my radio on in the morning anymore till I get in the car. Don’t have to, EJ’s OSW mix is all the Wednesday morning ‘radio’ I need. Looking forward to next week’s ‘broadcast’ (while enjoying every second of this week’s, of course)… {smile}

  2. ms. alex says:

    ~ YESSSS! One of my favorite periods in music as I met, dated, broke up with AND married my hubby during NJS!! Oooh, how he hates Al B. Sure (breakup period)..and ‘Make It Last’ by KS (Keith Sweat)is our wedding song…hey, EJ,where is he on this mix??? You gonna do a separate OSW wit Keith, right???….

  3. Nikki says:

    This was like the soundtrack to my freshman year of college.

  4. Thierno says:

    EJ, you gonna make a grown man cry… Why u wanna go & do that, man? LOL. I saw Al B on TV1 this past weekend… still Mr. Smooth.
    Thanks for this OSW. I dread the day you start cashing the checks we owe you for these OSWs. You’re gona make the bank bounce.

  5. rocka says:

    OK, i have both of the Good Girls Cd… It’s good to see I wasn’t their only fan.

  6. GrantLOVE says:

    Dang EJ… I was just about to put together a New Jack Swing Arby abut said to myself, “Self, you beter see what EJ put down this week first, you know ya’ll are like brothers from another Mother with this music thang!!”
    Good job as always. *sighing** Back to the drawing board 🙂

  7. KB says:

    Now this is what I’m talking about!
    I got some suggestions for Vol. 2:
    – “Rememeber The Time (New Jack Mix)” by MikeJax
    – “Him or Me” by Today
    – “Pause” by Run-DMC and
    – “Rump Shaker” Wreckz-n-Effectz
    Gotta have some zoom zoom zoom! Better yet, hit me up this weekend. I feel a collabo coming on!

  8. Thierno says:

    To add to the suggestions, don’t forget Keith Sweat. His was the first of many NJS success stories. BTW, it’s been almost 20 years since ‘I want her’ was released.
    If you wanna be a revisionist, Bobby’s ‘my prerogative’ was the biggest NJS hit.

  9. xix says:

    Why you gettin funky on me is performed by a group called TODAY, they were founded and produced by Teddy Riley I believe. Thanks for the mix.

  10. BDJ says:

    Great playlist you have here. The Good Girls were definitely one of my favorite groups.
    I will be back in the future for more great music. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

  11. hipshimmy says:

    I can’t believe you got Timmy Gatling’s Help!!!! You rock! I can’t even find half the songs you put on here.

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