OSW: Out Of Thin Air, Volume 5

I’m up late dropping this, but let me get this out as I try not to fall asleep.

Old School Wednesday: Out Of Thin Air, Volume V.

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01 – Lakeside – Your Wish Is My Command
02 – Con Funk Shun – Too Tight
03 – GQ – Disco Night (Rock Freak)
04 – War – Outlaw
05 – Prince – Sexy Dancer
06 – Donald Byrd & The Blackbyrds – Happy Music
07 – Breakwater – No Limit
08 – Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor
09 – George Benson – Never Give up on a Good Thing
10 – Matt Bianco – More Than I Can Bear
11 – Regina Belle – So Many Tears
12 – Maze – Golden Time Of Day
13 – Stevie Wonder – Golden Lady
14 – Herbie Hancock – Give It All Your Heart

I get to hit you with the 1-2-3 punch with Lakeside, Confukshun, and GQ first, and followup with a classic from War. Outlaw is one of my favorite tracks from them (thanks, CoachMVP). With those four, I couldn’t think of anything better to top it off with than Sexy Dancer, one of those head nodders that will get you groovin’.

Donald Byrd and Breakwater lead us to Misdemeanor, a track I’m sure everyone remembers.
George Benson’s track from 1976 is then followed by Matt Bianco’s More Than I Can Bear from 1984’s Who’s Side Are You On.

Regina Belle’s So Many Tears (from her 1987 debut All By Myself) was always played on quiet storm and was one of those songs that were always incredible all the way through, encompassing torch, jazz, and R&B.

I then follow up with two golden tracks from Maze (Golden Lady) and Herbie Hancock’s Give It All Your Heart, a duet with Patrice Rushen which is absolutely awesome and is a great ender to a solid mix. Much love to Gadziller for enlightening me.

Take it light.

3 comments on “OSW: Out Of Thin Air, Volume 5

  1. tgrundy says:

    Ahhhhh, you know the mix is gonna be a keeper when you start off with some 70s funk in the form of Lakeside, Con Funk Shun, GQ and WAR. I be likin’ it Sir EJ! Looking at the list and seeing the two “golden” songs back to back makes me start to wonder how many other songs there are that have “gold” or “golden” in the title. Hmmmm… I’m starting to smell the inspiration for a new RIBS mix here. {smile} Thanks for starting yet another Wednesday off on the right track.

  2. james madison says:

    Okay..GQ….C’mon GQ!!!! That reminds me of everything cool and blissful back in the day….Family, friends cool TV, Radio….GQ, MAN!
    Ditto on the Prince!
    Feeling the site as always..no gossip..nothing snarky..Just all out fun! The way life should be….
    Thanks again, Man!

  3. Nikki says:

    This is OSW is bumpin’! Wow, I remember Prince naked on a winged horse on the cover of that album which released Sexy Dancer.

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