OSW – Old School Whisperer

There’s going to be a little delay on the Old School Wednesday. EJ’s got that old school sickness right about now, thanks to some very cold weather. Good thing it’s not a podcast, because I sound like a drunk whisperer! Bear with me.

15 thoughts on “OSW – Old School Whisperer

  1. Hang in there EJ and feel better, we’ll all be patiently waiting. [humming to myself, absentmindedly tapping foot…] Is it ready yet?! Huh, huh? Is it ready yet!! {BIG smile}

  2. I feel ya, EJ. I am just getting my voice back (tho’ I kinda liked the raspy thing). Do people sympathize with you or do they laugh? I found some family members or store clerks would actually ‘chuckle’ when I spoke or tried to speak above the whisper. I hope you feel better soon. **BIG HUG** ms. alex

  3. Get some rest, drink plenty of juice and water and stay warm! Oh yeah…feel better soon!

  4. I was out sick last week, here’s my cure…Barbados rum and green tea w/ a shot of honey. I drank about 3 a day for 2 days. Don’t remember much of this past weekend. Feel better! 🙂

  5. While we’re waiting for EJ to feel better (hang on in there, soldier!) I have an “appetizer” over on RIBS that will hopefully hold us over until the “main course” is ready.

  6. Take your time, and just worry about getting better. I’ve had bronchitis since the last week of October, so I feel your pain!

  7. Health first, EJ.
    Get well, rest up, and come back better than ever.
    Blessings to you.

  8. I’m just starting to win my fight with a week-long cold and know how you feel. Hang in there brother-in-law.

  9. Get to feelin’ better soon. I make a comeback and you’re on your back. Tsk..tsk. I’m glad to see you’re still in the groove!

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