OSW: Out Of Thin Air, Volume II

EJ’s out of nowhere. On the way to Chicago for this weekend, so I’m all ears for being whereever you are. I’ll be playing this on the plane:

Old School Wednesday: Out Of Thin Air, Volume II.

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Podcast/mix available here. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.]

01 – Mass Production – Firecracker
02 – Lakeside – It’s All The Way Live
03 – Zapp and Roger – I Can Make You Dance
04 – Billy Ocean – Stay The Night
05 – Jocelyn Brown – Somebody Else’s Guy
06 – Emotions – Rejoice
07 – Howard Jones – Things Will Only Get Better
08 – Foreigner – Urgent
09 – Prince – Sexy Dancer
10 – Slave Featuring Steve Arrington – Just A Touch of Love
11 – Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor
12 – Martha Wash – Now That You’re Gone
13 – Melba Moore & Kashif – I’m In Love
14 – Perri – Someone Like You
15 – Anita Baker – Mystery

Mass Production and
Lakeside are starting this one out, as well as the Zapp & Roger track I Can Make You Dance . It’s hard to keep the beat going after these three funk tracks, but I managed to find Billy Ocean’s Stay The Night, which is rarely known these days. J-Notes recommended Someone Else’s Guy as well as Emotions’ Rejoice, and I was happy to pull them out.

I pulled out two of my favorite pop tracks from the 80s, Things Can Only Get Better and Urgent, two cuts I remember playing quite a bit. It was all about Prince after that, with Sexy Dancer on my mind, and my alltime favorite track from Slave, Just A Touch Of Love. I can listen to that track everyday, especially with Mark Adams killing that bassline.

I know everyone remembers Misdemeanor, always a classic track. I then slow it down with Martha’s Now That You’re Gone, the requested Someone Like You which just reminds me over and over how good they are (what’s up, Yvette!) and cap this off with Anita’s rendition of Manhattan Transfer’s Mystery.

Take it light.

5 comments on “OSW: Out Of Thin Air, Volume II

  1. ms. alex says:

    I sooo luv Wednesdays. Keep kickin’ that Lakeside, Mass P, Slave, &(oh my gosh) ole skool Prince! Yeah, that Billy is new ta me. ;>)

  2. Nikki says:

    *dancing in my seat*
    You are on it today, EJ!

  3. Yvette says:

    I’m here, I’m here!!!! Okay, you’ve made my day with the Perri track “Someone Like Me.” (brings back memories from 1990) I saw the “The Emotions” Summer of 1999 and they opened the show with “Rejoice!” (that was my cut!lol)I so enjoy OSW, keep it up!

  4. deb says:

    You said the magic words: “Sexy Dancer”. I remember when “Soft & Wet” came out, but I wasn’t feeling it. Then came “I Wanna Be Your Lover”, but I wasn’t feeling that one too much either. However…when Sexy Dancer came out…. Oh. My. Goodness! I became the biggest Prince fan! So, thanks for putting this one on the list. (And thanks for “Misdeamnor” too.)
    Seeing Slave there reminds me of “Watching You” which in turn reminds me of Odyssey’s “Inside Out”. (Someone even posted the video on youtube.) I’m loving this song all over again. Do you have this on an OSW playlist?

  5. EJ Flavors says:

    Deb, try this: http://ejflavors.com/archives/2004/09/osw_the_im_session.php – this I believe is what you want. I also have it on two more! This happens to be one of my favorite cuts.

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