OSW: Gerald Levert

In tribute to the one and only Gerald Levert:

Old School Wednesday: Gerald.

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Podcast/mix available here. [Click to play or right click-save as to download.]

01 – Levert – Casanova
02 – Troop – Mamacita
03 – Rude Boys – My Kinda Girl
04 – Men At Large – Use Me
05 – Levert – Pull Over
06 – Gerald Levert – Private Line
07 – Rude Boys – Written All Over Your Face
08 – Gerald LeVert – Can You Handle It
09 – Gerald Levert and Miki Howard – That’s What Love Is
10 – Levert – Pop Goes My Mind
11 – Levert – All Season
12 – Gerald Levert – Hurting For You
13 – Gerald Levert – Baby Hold On To Me
14 – Men at Large – I’m So Alone
15 – Rude Boys – Are You Lonely For Me
16 – Gerald Levert – School Me

Admittedly, this mix started out as a challenge, because when one thinks of Gerald Levert, the thought of smooth silky ballads comes to mind, and I needed a little more variety. I then remembered the trio Levert and the production company Trevel Productions that he handled with Mark Gordon, and that made things much easier. I went through the vaults and thought that I’d pull out the two most uptempo tracks I knew (Casanova and Mamacita), and then Rude Boys and Men At Large popped immediately into my head, which is how they came into play throughout this mix. I remembered the Use Me video which made me smile and was able to make me pull out the other tracks like My Kinda Girl, I’m So Alone and Are You Lonely For Me with ease.

My favorite Levert tracks are well represented here, Pop Goes My Mind and All Season, but it’s also the tunes with Mikki Howard (That’s What Love Is) and his father Eddie Levert (Baby Hold On To Me) that are staples. It’s also about tracks like Pull Over (forgot how funky that track was), Private Line (my favorite Gerald Levert cut), and Hurting For You which round out this playlist well.

May Gerald Levert rest in peace. Take it light.

16 comments on “OSW: Gerald Levert

  1. MoniMoni says:

    Wow, this a great tribute. I had just purchased Mikki Howard’s Greatest Hits, just for her cut with Gerald. Get back to the office, and find out Gerald had passed. There is now a serious void in R&B, Gerald will truly be missed.

  2. chica says:

    He was so talented! I still can’t believe it. “Casanova”…wow. This is one of my favorites because it brings back so many good memories.
    He obviously had a sense of humor because he and Chris Rock tickled me with “No Sex in the Champagne Room”.
    So young. So talented.

  3. ms. alex says:

    ***sniff sniff**
    ~ ms. alex

  4. Del says:

    nice selection of tracks in this tribute. i hadn’t heard the rude boys track in a minute.
    rest in peace. it’s a shame that such a great singer and performer never got the attention he truly deserved.
    did he ever record anything live?

  5. Yvette says:

    What a fitting tribute. Gerald’s is a voice that will be greatly missed. Your tribute includes my favorite “School Me.”

  6. tgrundy says:

    EJ, I think we all knew you would put together a fitting tribute to Gerald this week. I have started to put together a playlist of Levert music (solo and collaboration) over on my site also, but not being as familiar with his music as you are I’ve left it open for comments so the list can grow. I must admit I have been anxiously awaiting this week’s OSW so I can hear and learn more about his music. As expected, you did not disappoint.
    Prayers and blessings to the Levert family during this trying time.

  7. Grant Love says:

    EJ. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to a man that personified soulful Love. Gerald was not only a wonderful singer and performer, he was a wonderful human being who always had time for his fans. I had the great pleasure of meeting and hanging with Gerald about ten years ago. I will always remember him as a genuine, kindhearted person who always showed love. He will most certainly be missed.
    This site deserves a nomination for best music blog, so everyone get out and vote for EJ Flavors!!
    Peace & Blessings

  8. Carla says:

    Very nice tribute EJ!

  9. Qamar says:

    A wonderful tribute, EJ.
    Such a terrible loss.

  10. Thierno says:

    There is nothing I could say here that hasn’t already been said about Gerald levert and/ or about EJ’s ability to cover all bases of Gerald’s stellar career.
    He leaves a huge void in contemporary music(in general) and in R&B (in particular).
    Thank you, EJ.

  11. Nikki says:

    Great tribute, EJ! My favorite song by Gerald, is a song he recorded with Levert called, Make You Feel Real from the Just Coolin’ album. Gerald shows emotion like no other on that song.

  12. Mika says:

    Loved it…I thought I was going to have to search all over to find my favorites, but you’ve got them all here. And you added in some others that I truly love as well! Thank you!

  13. Yolanda says:

    Wow! Thanks, Music Man. Now, whenever I’m feeling a Gerald vibe, I can come running over here and pull it outta the archives. I’m gonna miss that man something deep. 🙁

  14. Sheila says:

    This is good. It brought back old memories of when I saw them all in concert with the O’Jays at The Front Row Theatre in Cleveland. Yes, I’m from Cleveland. I’ll miss seeing Gerald riding around town and hanging out. R.I.P. “G”!

  15. sentinel85 says:

    EJ, this is a great sample of the breadth of good music such a young talent left behind.
    If you add Practice what you Preach, we get a twofer: Barry White at his best (singing) and Gerald at his (writing and producing).

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