OSW: The Thierno Mix

Sometimes it’s best to take a backseat and let someone else be the driver. Nod your heads to:

Old School Wednesday: Thierno’s Mix.

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01 JacksonsWait: The Jacksons Perhaps at their best. Jackie’s lead vocals great. Michael & Jermaine exchange jabs in the backing vocals; to top it all off, Steve Lukather rips the songs with a killer solo.
JacksonsNothin‘…- LA & Babyface at their best.  Great track and killer guitar solo by Face
Jackie JacksonStuck On You – Perhaps an underestimated vocal talent in the J Family??? Robert Brookins provides the production sparks on this track.
Luther Vandross I Wonder – Great rhythm track. But most of all, amazing backing vocal arrangements. Paul Jackson, Jr.’s amazing guitar work also permeates the track
Gavin ChristopherYou are who you love – Another System track I sneaked in the mix, as a System fanatic… The System didn’t write the song but produced it. It has that undeniable System sound.
06 Simply Red It’s Only Love – I can listen to this song all day long and not get tired.
Sheena EastonFire And Rain – A super gem provided by Angela Winbush (sure you recognized the sound).
08 Prince It – What else is there to say about this track?
Level 42Leaving Me Now – I remember those fall 1986 days when this song was released… ahhhh.
BabyfaceI love you Babe – Everyone could get sense here that there was something in this guy that would erupt one day.
DamianLove Come Near – The softer and more telling side of this late dynamic duo. They wrote this song, but Daryl Simmons and Kayo produced it.
Marlon JacksonDon’t Go – reminds me of those Video Soul days with Donnie Simpson. Great, promising effort by another Jackson sibling.
Randy and the GypsysLuv Thang – He wanted to escape the family name recognition so he dropped the Jackson. Well, he should have used it. Great track, nevertheless, from a somewhat good solo effort. A&M Records could’ve pushed a bit more.
Jeffrey OsborneYou should be mine – A Classic.
Freddie JacksonTasty Love – I Love the TR 808 and this song is a good example of how to use it. I remember the model Beverly Johnson gracing the video for this song. wooooooo.
16 KashifSend me you love – Another gem for the master.
Lionel RichieLove will conquer all – I remember the video of him cruising Pacific Coast Highway in a red conv. Mustang… I think Vanity’s sister was the video starlet in this one, but not sure.
18 Smokey RobinsonOne Heartbeat – A great song from a great album. This takes me back to spring 1987. A great year for R&B music, and music in general.
The SystemMidnight Special – A great lead single from their 1989 Rhythm & Romance album. Video was shot in Paris. This was the last System effort until they released ESP in 2000.

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7 comments on “OSW: The Thierno Mix

  1. james madison says:

    The music is choice!!!
    Simply Red, The Jacksons, BabyFace…lyrics and grooves.
    Thanks for taking it back…and I’m glad my computer let me post!

  2. Nikki says:

    EJ, you picked one of my favorite Kashif songs. I had heard that Kashif was teaching at various universities, but ol’ boy has a seminar called Kashif University for musicians. http://brooklynboy.com/kashif_university/index.html

  3. carol says:


  4. MoniMoni says:

    Love it, love it, love it!!!

  5. DJ Diva says:

    In a bed
    on the stairs
    EJ u are the greatest…”It” is one of my favorite Prince-ies
    but then “I love you Babe”…and “Love will Conquer”…
    Jesus man…all these folks will have to dance in here today LOL

  6. Qamar says:

    The Simply Red, Kashif, Babyface, and Lionel Richie cuts are some of the best records people have forgotten. Each song is brilliant and holds up wonderfully.
    Marva King deserves a “co-lead” credit for her brilliant work on the Richie cut.
    Kashif’s poignant and romantic lyrics are perfectly conveyed by his longing voice.
    Babyface captures both the joy and fear of being in love. The single mix has some great ad libs (lifted from another ‘Face song) that takes this song to another level.
    When all is said and done, it’s the love we remember. Simply Red’s “It’s Only Love” will always be a timeless record (and easily one of my all-time favourites)
    Great mix Thierno & EJ!

  7. thierno says:

    Thank you all, especially to EJ for allowing me to add my .02
    I’m glad you enjoyed the mix and look forward to the next opportunity to share some of my favorite tunes with you folks.

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