OSW: Preamble

I have a family emergency to take care of, but let’s drop this for the time being.

Old School Wednesday: Preamble.

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01 – BT Express – Do It Till You’re Satisfied
02 – The Gap Band – Shake
03 – Evelyn "Champagne" King – I Can’t Stand It
04 – Rick James – Hard to Get
05 – Breakwater – Say You Love Me Girl
06 – A Taste Of Honey – Rescue Me
07 – Melba Moore – You Stepped Into My Life
08 – Loose Ends – Gonna Make You Mine
09 – Hamilton Bohannon – Thoughts and Wishes
10 – Lowrell – Mellow Mellow, Right On
11 – Ambrosia – Biggest Part of Me
12 – Billy Griffin – Serious
13 – Walter Egan- Magnet And Steel
14 – Minnie Riperton – Here We Go
15 – Atlantic Starr – My Sugar

I’ll drop more details when I can, but for now, the instrumentations of Mellow Mellow, Right on and Rescue Me should make you smile, since it’s they are used on other well-known old-school cuts.
In addition, Walter Egan and Ambrosia should make you reminisce on the other pop-oriented, well known tracks that were also played in your neighborhood. Hope you enjoy the vibe.

10 comments on “OSW: Preamble

  1. EJ, Hope everything is OK. Here we go is one of my all time favorites from Minnie. Chante Moore & Kenny Latimore did an excellent remake of that one. Really feelin this vibe today!! Well needed for an early Wednsday morning.
    Good Lookin out.

  2. ms. alex says:

    ~ Hope all is well with the family.
    ~ I’m so tickled…as a kid, my boyf picked the song “Magnet & Steel” as “our song **heehee**
    ~ And next to Prince, Rick James was my next fave. Thanks so much and keep him coming too!

  3. Nikki says:

    EJ, you musta been reading my mind. I was listening to Here We Go just yesterday. Minnie and Peabo’s voice sounded so perfect together.
    My favorite line is, “Any second now, I’ll explode. Baby grab your hat now ’cause here we go….”

  4. Thierno says:

    Hi,EJ. Fisrt off, hope all gets sorted out with the family emergency.
    Thanks for this great mix. As always, I’m finding out how much good stuff I didn’t know.
    Loose Ends and Atlantic Starr bring back great memories. Breakwater is new to me but I like that song a lot.

  5. Hope everything is OK with your family. Thanks for the dope sounds, once again..
    Humanity F Critic…

  6. Sending you positive thoughts…

  7. gwen says:

    hey, I hope whatever it is is okay a/o works out all right. thinking of you.
    [ and great mix as always, perfect for packing 😉 ]

  8. Hyps says:

    Hey you, hope everything works out alright back home. Thinking about you……

  9. tgrundy says:

    EJ, hope everything turns out for the best with the family, we’re keeping you in our thoughts. Lovin’ the mix, especially Melba, Minnie & Ambrosia.

  10. Qamar says:

    Keeping you and your loved ones in my thoughts and prayers. Be blessed.
    The mix, as always, is superb.

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