OSW: Postscript

After the birthday weekend has mellowed out into a nice, steady rhythm…..

Old School Wednesday: Postscript.

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Podcast/mix available here.[Click to play or right click-save as to download.]

01 – The Family – The Screams Of Passion [Extended Version]
02 – Jill Jones – G-Spot (Extended)
03 – Loose Ends – Stay a Little While, Child [Remix]
04 – Chaka Khan – Give Me All
05 – D-Influence – Journey
06 – Soul II Soul – Fairplay [Featuring Rose Windross]
07 – Sheila E – Loverboy
08 – Level 42 – Lessons in Love
09 – Curiosity Killed The Cat – Ordinary Day
10 – Swing Out Sister – Twilight World [Superb. Superb. Mix]
11 – Joyce Sims – Come into My Life
12 – Five Star – Let Me Be The One
13 – Patti Austin – In And Out Of Love
14 – Billy Griffin – Hold Me Tighter In The Rain
15 – Lakeside – Say Yes

I’m sure everyone is familiar with Screams of Passion, and following along the same purple vein, I thought it would be good to drop G Spot. Loose Ends’ Stay A Little While, Child was one of my favorite tracks from them that is sorely underappreciated. Louil Silas gave it his own spin that, in my opinion, made it just as smooth as Hanging On A String. Give Me All is one of the Chaka Khan tracks that sucessfully blends vocals, scratches, and brass. Journey from no-one other than D-Influence, off the Good 4 We album. I’m sure everyone was hip to the first album from Soul II Soul, which is where Fairplay is from.

Sheila E’s Sex Cymbal CD is one of my favorites from her, with Loverboy being one of the funkiest songs, combining her percussion with a guitar solo at the end. Level 42s Lessons In Love, Curiosity Killed The Cat’s Ordinary Day, and Swing Out Sister’s Twilight World were three tracks that I played endlessly while I was in college, so much so that I had to purchase the cassettes again.

Joyce Sims’ Come Into My Life is a well known cut, I’m sure, as is Let Me Be The One. Patti Austin’s In And Out Of Love is a stepper’s staple. Billy Griffin’s Hold Me Tighter In The Rain is one of the songs from him that I’ve been playing lately, since it’s fairly new to me. We finish off with Lakeside’s Say Yes, which is one of their finest cuts.


10 comments on “OSW: Postscript

  1. ms. alex says:

    ~ Loose Ends is never lost on moi! “Nights of Pleasure” is probably my fave (fast) song and “You Can’t Stop the Rain” (slow). And the Family…owwww! Great mix, EJ!

  2. Big Daddy says:

    Another slam! Geeked that you included Swing Out Sister (especially the mix you chose) and Level 42. I still rock both of ’em!

  3. ms. alex says:

    ~ Ooh..ooh…ooh..thx for the Lakeside! Yes!

  4. tedFromDC says:

    Man! I think I’ve found my older twin! I’ve been listening to your blog for about a year now and you’ve pulled out tunes that I used to have (or lost) on cassettes and LPs that I loved! Keep it going…man…I haven’t heard this Curiousity Killed the Cat tune since high school! Let’s make your bday EJ Day!!!

  5. Todd Kelley says:

    You got two of my wife’s favorite groups in here, level 42 and swing out sister.
    You can’t go wrong with Five Star. But they killed themselves when they said they were gonna be bigger than the jacksons. idiots…
    And that soul II soul is hot. That whole album had me open.
    Hot mix, mayne. Hurry up with the podcast! i’m spoiled now!!!

  6. Nikki says:

    I remember the video for Screams of Passion. It looks so cheesy today.

  7. Nikki says:

    Lawd, the things you find on YouTube: Screams of Passion

  8. james madison says:

    once again you excel…Your mixes remind me of frankie crocker!
    peep this –

  9. EJ Flavors says:

    @ms. alex – you are SO welcome on Lakeside. And Loose Ends is top notch. I loved everything they did.
    @Big Daddy – aren’t those some smooth mixes? Didn’t know you geeked out over SOS. Most excellent!
    @tedFromDC – EJ Day! Love it! Curiosity Killed The Cat’s ‘Ordinary Day’ was one of my theme songs.
    @Todd. I’m still singing Journey. And I’ve got the ‘cast up. Sooner or later I’ll put my voice on it.
    @Nikki and @James – I can’t take y’all anywhere!! 😀

  10. Yolanda says:

    Why am I always getting my groove on late? LOL How’s mom doing, by the way?

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