Prince, Volume 2: The Love Songs

Today is Prince’s birthday. KB celebrates it today, saying:

There’s no other artist that spans the spectrum of love songs like Prince. His Gemini-like ability to go from freaky to loving adoration. Today’s radio blog spotlights the love songs… and no one else hits all the spots quite like Prince.

Prince, Volume 2: The Love Songs.

Check it out, and stay tuned for volume 3.

6 thoughts on “Prince, Volume 2: The Love Songs

  1. Yooo EJ! Nice job on the definitive Prince collectives. In the hands of someone who’ll give him top notch star quality! Feeling the variation brah. Nicely done…

  2. Oh, if any of you are in NYC, Prince will be here next week at Bryant Park for GMA concert series….free!

  3. Prince spends alotta time in Toronto – has a big house in this area called the “Bridal Path” – and can be seen, unguarded, in the entertainment district…..that would be a sighting.

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