OSW: Arif Mardin

Arif Mardin
Arif, a famous producer who’s generated a string of hits for a number of artists, died this week at the age of 74. Working with artists from the Bee Gees to Aretha Franklin, and Bette Midler to Chaka Khan, he’s managed to garner 11 Grammys and major respect from both the pop and R&B genres. Presenting

Old School Wednesday, Part II: Arif Mardin.
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Podcast coming soon. Watch for it.

01 – Chaka Khan – Clouds
02 – Chaka Khan – What Cha Gonna Do For Me
03 – Culture Club – Move Away
04 – Howard Jones – You Know I Love You Don’t You?
05 – Chaka Khan – A Night In Tunisia
06 – Bee Gees – Jive Talkin’
07 – Average White Band – A Love Of Your Own
08 – Howard Jones – No One Is To Blame
09 – Phil Collins – Against All Odds
10 – Aretha Franklin – Love All The Hurt Away
11 – Miki Howard – You’ve Changed
12 – Aretha Franklin – Call Me
13 – Donny Hathaway – A Song For You

There’s plenty of Chaka up there, including Clouds, and there’s some Aretha Franklin there with Love All The Hurt Away. He’s also touched Donny Hathaway and even Miki Howard and Howard Jones.

Condolences go out to the Mardin family. Special thanks to Wayne A. for keepin’ me in the loop.

10 comments on “OSW: Arif Mardin

  1. james madison says:

    Just looking at these two artist material brings back pleasant memories. Great songs, great memories from Kool and The Gang and Arif.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. EJ. Nice job as always. Chaka has always been one of my very favorite female recording artists along with Minnie, Phyllis, Aretha, Patti, just to name a few. RIP to Mr. Mardin.
    I think I’ll have to put together a playlist with Chaka and my other favorite Divas this Friday…Stay Tuned for “SOULful Divas”

  3. ms. alex says:

    ~ OSW part deux! I love Wednesdays!!!
    ~ Last night during the award show when Chaka mentioned someone had died, I had no idea who she was talking about. Thanks.

  4. ms. alex says:

    ~For some reason, “Against All Odds” did not play. Ran for like a minute, then jumped to next cut.

  5. Wayne says:

    You know, I have had a re-newed interest in “A Song For You” over the last couple of months…since Elliot Yamin did one hell of a job with on “American Idol.” (For my money, that boy CAN SING. His R&B pipes are far and away better than that guy who won.)
    Anyway, I’ve been playing Donny Hathaway’s “Song For You” for weeks. Listen to that song and one can understand why Arif Mardin will be missed. The man was one of the best producers out there.

  6. Thierno says:

    Truly in a class all by himself (save a few such as Q). It’s a great loss to the world of music, good music. His strive for excellence-in-recording has set the bar high for all who aspire to become music producers. Luckily, his body of work will help us to always remember him.
    R.I.P., Mr. Arif Mardin.

  7. chica says:

    EJ, why do you have me lip synching Chaka Khan (“What Cha Gonna Do for Me?”)in my make believe microphone like I did when I was a wee tot!
    Thanks for info about the passing of these two.

  8. EJ Flavors says:

    @James – not a problem at all. Glad you enjoyed it.
    @GrantLove – do your thing, man. Can’t wait!
    @ms. alex – i just fixed the little hiccup. sorry abnout that.
    @Wayne – i think i’m still in love with Love All The Hurt Away….
    @Thierno – yessir. he will definitely be missed.
    @Chica – i’d love to see you hit he high note she performs at the end of the track.

  9. KB says:

    I was waiting to see which AWB track you would put on there. I thought, “School Boy Crush is too popular for EJ to throw on there.” As usual you impress.

  10. gina says:

    This list is probably one of my fav’s…AWB and Chaka…have I missed Angela Bofill previously or am I telling my age?

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