OSW: To The Sun, Volume 6

Let’s put this up and give the details and the podcast as soon
as is humanly possible:

Old School Wednesday : To The Sun, Volume 6.

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01 – Shalamar – Right In The Socket
02 – Phil Fearon & Galaxy – I Can Prove It
03 – S.O.S. Band – Just the Way You Like It
04 – Michael Wycoff – Still Got The Magic
05 – Chic – High
06 – Ashford and Simpson – Bourgie Bourgie (Instrumental)
07 – Gary Taylor – Compassion
08 – Zhane – Sending My Love
09 – Toto – Africa
10 – The Deele – Just My Luck
11 – Johnny Gill – Feels So Much Better
12 – Jody Watley – Everything
13 – Tawatha – Thigh Ride
14 – Teena Maria – If I Were a Bell

In my continuation of Shalamar, Right In The Socket starts off the groove, which leads into Phil Fearon’s I Can Prove It, complete with an infectious chant.
SOS Band’s Just The Way You Like It leads in and takes us back to the roller rink (remember the video?) I thought that since Michael Wycoff had been in two other OSWs, then why not bring him back for a third one with another groovin’ track, Still Got The Magic?

Chic’s High was one of my favorite tracks off of Chic-Ism, while Ashford and Simpson’s Bourgie Bourgie was one of the tracks introduced to me while i was in Philly last week (thanks Mr. Myke!) Compassion brings us right into Toto’s Africa, a track that someone requested and after hearing it again after 10 years, I can understand why. I tracked down The Deele’s Just My Luck, as well as Johnny Gill’s Feels So Much Better to segue into Jody Watley’s love song Everything and Tawatha’s lust song Thigh Ride. We finish off the set with Teena Marie’s absolutely, positively poignant If I Were A Bell.


12 comments on “OSW: To The Sun, Volume 6

  1. ms. alex says:

    ~Lovin’ the (familiar) Shalamar, Jody, Deele, SOS, and Toto’s Africa. Likin'(the new to me)Ashford & Simpson & Gary Taylor! I got some nu faves. Thx.

  2. DP says:

    Thank you for representing on point and on time. Ill be rocking this all week.
    oh, and tag, you are it.

  3. ms. alex says:

    ~FYI-Just saw at cnn.com that the lead singer of Heatwave died.
    ~CLAYTON, Ohio (AP) — Johnnie Wilder Jr., the soulful lead singer of the R&B band Heatwave who continued singing after being paralyzed in a car accident, died Saturday, his daughter said Tuesday. He was 56.

  4. Bernard says:

    Thanks E… I can hear Howard Hewitt telling Jody Watley now “you’ll never be anything without Shalamar”.. hahahahaha. *AAAAARGH*… sorry, just had a flashback to the Deele’s haircuts… hahahah. Yes, thanks Ms. Alex… read that also…. I know so many of us remember “Boogie Nights”, “Groove Line”, “Ain’t No Half Steppin'” and “Always and Forever”.

  5. Thierno says:

    Hi, EJ. This is an awesome set. The Deele’s track was a sure sign that Face was gonna be a force to reckon with in the songwriting department. That killer guitar solo he ends the song with is the type of stuff missing in today’s RnB. To prove the point about Face, you follow up with Johnny Gill, with another killer Face solo.
    The always smooth Gary Taylor is a nice addition.
    Finally, to top it all off, you include what I consider to be Jody’s best song ever, which is ironic for a dance diva.
    Ej, thank you for such an eclectic OSW.

  6. Wayne says:

    “Right! LEFT! In the socket…”
    Haven’t heard that song in…well…at LEAST 20 years! I remember seeing them sing it on “Soul Train.”
    And “Africa”…a stupendous pick, Mr. Flavors!

  7. Jen says:

    I loved, loved, loved, Toto. Africa was one of my favorites growing up.

  8. Qamar says:

    No… you did not just pull out some Tawatha Agee!?!? Oh, that is too cool!
    Inspired choices: The Ashford & Simpson, Chic (love this song!), Toto, and Johnny Gill tracks.
    Teena’s “Bell” was an instant classic. Timeless and beautiful song.
    Jam & Lewis could do no wrong back in the 80s. Actually, they still can’t do no wrong. That SOS Band jam brings back great memories from 1984. 🙂
    Excellent, as always, EJ!

  9. Nikki says:

    EJ, I have a live version of Teena Marie singing If I Were A Bell somewhere. I’ll have to send it to you. It’s just her and a piano.

  10. MrMike says:

    Who’s Da Man! EJ – EJ – EJFlavors!
    Wow this is an EXCELLENT Old School Wednesday Mix!
    I’m especially connected with CHIC – my cousin performed with this group! Teena Marie – She’s like a Philly Homegrown Girl. Zhane – Those girls also madd Philly connection, Temple University Students! Thanks 4 Ashford & Simpson – Bourgie Bourgie is another fav!
    An EXCELLENT Mix EJ! “Sending My Love” n Toto – “Africa!” Who whould have thought!

  11. NinaMM says:

    EJ…I ::heart:: you SO much some days, man! [i]THIGH RIDE[/i]? Oh my God…I’ve been looking for this song for YEARS; can’t find it anywhere! If you could send that to me…oh my…I’d ::heart:: you forever! [i]Just My Luck[/i]…so classic. I used to sing that song to my first love. You threw me off sticking [i]Africa[/i] in there, but it fits…some how. I still have that 45.

  12. ROD says:

    i’m look for alyson williams version of this same song do you or anyone else have that cd is hard to find not even amazon or any other sitte has it…thank

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