OSW: To The Sun, Volume 4

After a much needed vacation in Philly, I’m ready to drop it again…

Old School Wednesday : To The Sun, Volume 4.

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01 – Lakeside – Your Love Is On The One
02 – The Whispers – It’s A Love Thing
03 – The Fatback Band – Is This The Future?
04 – Positive Force – We Got The Funk
05 – Royale Delite – I’ll Be A Freak For You
06 – Shalamar – Talk To Me
07 – Junior – Too Late
08 – Ace – How Long
09 – Sade – Nothing Can Come Between Us
10 – Ramsey Lewis – Whisper Zone
11 – Mr Fingers – Survivor
12 – The Blackbyrds – Soft And Easy
13 – Fat Larry’s Band – Zoom
14 – Loose Ends – So Where Are You?
15 – Ohio Players – Heaven Must Be Like This

Lakeside’s Your Love Is On The One kept me energized when I was trying to recover from my vacation. The Whisper’s It’s A Love Thing follows, which is then followed by Is This The Future, the mellow infectious groove from The Fatback Band, played at every party back in the day.

Royal Delite’s I’ll Be A Freak For You is special because I heard it exactly once back in the day, and could never track it down. I’m still on the Shalamar tip, so I had to drop Talk To Me, one of my faves from Go For It, co-written by Jody Watley. Junior’s Too Late is followed by Ace’s How Long which is a personal favourite. Ace is followed by Sade’s Nothing Can Come Between Us, accentuated with vocals from Leroy Osbourne.

Ramsey’s track is yet another one off of LateNightTales. Be warned that you’ll be hearing several cuts from Mr. Fingers, who is one of the founders of Chicago house music. Survivor is a perfect segue from Ramsey’s track, and is a perfect compliment to The Blackbyrd’s Soft and Easy. Fat Larry’s Zoom is followed by the underplayed gem from Loose Ends, So Where Are You. At the end is the mellow funky track from The Ohio Players, Heaven Must Be Like This.

I’m still coming down from the Philly Vibe from last weekend and I’ll be dropping some more of my discoveries very soon. Shoutouts to the finest people you’d ever wanna meet and who made my stay in Philly an awesome one- the one and only Philly Kat and the effervescent Mr. Myke. Groove with it.

[Addendum 05/03/06 14:27 – all glitches have been fixed. Any anomalies, please let me know.]

22 comments on “OSW: To The Sun, Volume 4

  1. james madison says:

    Good stuff…I always peep it early.
    Positive Force, Junior and The Whispers…
    Joints cats used to play for the block parties in
    Brooklyn, NY.
    Keep it going man!

  2. Michael A. BTHS 1981 says:

    We got the Funk! We just had our 25th Reunion this past weekend. Thanks brother. This mix just keeps the vibe going. Pictures are on the way to ya!

  3. MoniMoni says:

    See, how do you expect a person to get to work? I am enjoying every cut. No you didn’t find Junior! I loved him. I admit, I never heard the Fatback band cut (maybe I’m having a senior moment), thanks for the education. 🙂 Have a good day everyone!

  4. Nikki says:

    Heaven Must Be Like This is one of the most perfect love songs ever created. Sugarfoot and the fellas gave magic to this track.

  5. Thierno says:

    Good day to all. EJ, I look forward to more Mr. Fingers, given the cut you included in this OSW. In typical EJ fashion, if there was a quiz as to how many cuts I knew, I’d fail miserably, since I only knew the Sade and Whispers’ cuts.
    Keep edutaining, bro.

  6. Bernard says:

    You keep the Wednesday going, don’t you. Reading through the comments I saw BTHS.. does that happen to stand for Brooklyn Tech?

  7. CoachMVP says:

    Even though I have the “Greatest Hits” CD, I can’t get enuff of a good Whistle Blower in a song. “We can put a man up in space but on Earth it’s just a ratrace…..Is THIS The Future?” Fatback is good everywhere not just in your greens. The beginning is nuthin but a block party. The ending is a “blue lights in the basement” groove. “Too Late” is my favorite Junior groove. I remember the Whispers doing “It’s A Love Thang” on Soul Train when I was just gettin to middle school. DANG!!! I still remember the routine. I miss those days. Thanks for liftin me up. You know what I’ve been through. Bless you my FRIEND!!!
    Forever Black!!!
    The GrandMackDaddy

  8. Michael A. BTHS 1981 says:

    To Bernard: BTHS is none other than Brooklyn Tech! Are you a graduate? We just had our Alumni Homecoming last Saturday. Many in my class are HUGE fans of EJ! Peace.

  9. ms. alex says:

    ~ I’m almost speechless at this arby..esp:
    ~ Junior’s “Too Late” (I’m ’bout to cry)
    ~ OP’s sexy azz “Heaven Must be Like This”
    ~ And dayum if you didn’t pull out my Fatback and Lakeside joints!!!! Caint git enuff!!

  10. nikki indigo says:

    aiight, so why was i damn near jumping around when i heard “its a love thang”???
    you know i’m digging this list. you got the goods, luv.
    oh, and i second nikki’s love for “heaven must be like this”…i absolutely LOVE that song.

  11. ms. alex says:

    ~ EJ: re Junior’s “Too Late” — do you have the extended version? Instrumental at the end for 4 mins or so..I’ve looked for it on your previous OSWs & didn’t see it.

  12. Bernard says:

    To Michael A. – BTHS Class of ’83 here… Yes EJ, we’re using your space for class reunions.. hahahaha. BTW, EJ… Junior’s “Too Late” and Positive Force’s “We Got The Funk” were throwbacks for me… yeah, Positive Force mentions me by name… hahaha

  13. Enigma says:

    effervescent? I wanna be effervescent. aw man! that’s a good adjective. me jealous.

  14. Qamar says:

    Junior, Whispers, Lakeside all take me (way) back!
    Sade, Ace, Shalamar still sounding good.
    Mr. Fingers… excellent.
    The Ohio Players… it just does not get any sweeter!
    Outstanding mix, EJ!

  15. Michael A. BTHS 1981 says:

    To Benard – hit me at manatole_1981@yahoo.com. I’ll invite you to our Alumni Yahoo Group. We are planning some summer Alumni events. You are welcome to hang with us. And EJ, you are absolutely invited as an honored guest. If you are ever in NYC let us know.

  16. T-Steel says:

    Mr. Finger’s “Survivor” always makes a brutha reflect (happily yet sadly) on a loved one loss. Much luv for that song.

  17. EJ Flavors says:

    @james – glad you made it on through.
    i’m glad you enjoyed it as always, @Qamar and @CoachMVP.
    @Thierno – i promise to drop more Mr. Fingers (AKA Larry Heard).
    @Bernard and @Michael A – i’m glad to know that BTHS has made the connection there. i will definitely look you guys up this summer when i get up to NYC.
    @Enigma- Effervescence is my first name. you didn’t know?
    @ms. alex – yep, i’ve got the 12 inch too. good stuff.
    @T-Steel – i love it when you make it over here. i love the entire Introduction album.
    @MoniMoni and @Nikki – i didn’t know y’all were big fans of “Heaven…” check THAT out!

  18. jdid says:

    I’m feeling this guy

  19. suedemuffins says:

    an.o.ther vacation? i NEED one badly!

  20. **RPM** says:

    You blended Sade in there brilliantly, that’s just magical EJ…

  21. Berry says:

    Swinging through

  22. Yolanda says:

    I came back today just for #15. LOL How go it, music man? 😉

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