OSW: This Time

Bringing it to the forefront:

Old School Wednesday : This Time.

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01 – Jackie Moore – This Time Baby
02 – David Joseph – You Can’t Hide
03 – Starpoint – It’s All Yours
04 – Chic – Doin’ That Thing To Me
05 – Narada Michael Walden – Divine Emotions
06 – Shalamar – Pop Along Kid
07 – Madhouse – 6
08 – Heatwave – Central Heating
09 – Tony Toni Tone – Whatever You Want
10 – Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It
11 – DeBarge – Love Me In A Special Way
12 – Atlantic Starr – If Your Heart Isn’t in It
13 – Anita Baker – Been So Long
14 – Teena Marie – Ooh La La La

Starting out with Jackie Moore’s This Time Baby, a disco classic (thanks, Moni Moni!), we move right into David Joseph’s funky track You Can’t Hide. As I continued on with Starpoint’s It’s All Yours, which I hadn’t heard in quite some time, I had to follow with Chic’s Doin’ That Thing To Me, also from Chic-Ism. I’m sure that you heads out there are familiar with Divine Emotions, Pop Along Kid, and Madhouse’s instrumental 6.

During the last mix, I had left off Central Heating, so I felt that it needed to be represented here (especially since NinaMM mentioned it). Tony Toni Tone’s release Whatever You Want was a classic cut, sung by Dewayne Wiggins. KB suggested I pull out I Can’t Help It and I was glad to oblige.

Since Michael was out there, why not follow with DeBarge, Atlantic Starr, Anita Baker, and Teena to cap it off with Ooh La La La, right? Right. My favorite? Atlantic Starr segueing into Anita Baker. Lovin’ just dont stop right there.


16 comments on “OSW: This Time

  1. ronn says:

    Damn, those last five!! Bringing back some good memories of back in the day.

  2. MoniMoni says:

    Thanks for the shout out EJ. I remember Shalamar’s Pop Along Kid, where did you find that one? I need to find that as well. I never felt that Narada Michael Walden ever got the credit he deserved…so it’s great that you are giving him his props right here. I’m with Ronn, but for me the last 6 bring some great memories of back in the day. Have a great day everyone!

  3. **RPM** says:

    You got me falling…falling for you, falling with you, falling after you, falling through you, falling under you, falling between you…falling…eh…between you?
    Great mix Sunshine.

  4. KB says:

    See? I’m not the only one in the lovin’ mood. Anita Baker worked!
    Keep knockin em out…

  5. Thierno says:

    Hello, EJ. Thank you for this nice mix.
    I dig Madhouse.
    Narada, what more can be said? Randy Jackson is crazy on that bass.
    I’m particularly pleased that you included MJ. Seeing him lately on an attempt at a likely come back, I hope he goes back to tracks such as this for inspiration; amazing vocals on this song.
    You could play every track off Chic-ism, I wouldn’t be madd.

  6. NinaMM says:

    Central Heating/takes a beating/it’s alrightttttt…
    MY.jam! Ya heard? You gonna have to be my future ex baby daddy’s cousin for that one, EJ. Damn, I’m siced!
    If Your Heart Isn’t In It was the moment where Barbara Weathers renewed my faith in Wayne & David Lewis’ judgment, and I realized that I could stop boycotting them for ever letting Sharon Bryant get away. Tight isn’t the word for the cut.
    And you just stepped on our proverbial necks by closing it out with Ooh La La
    You got me fallin’/fallin’ for you/fallin’ with you/fallin’ to you/fallin’ after you/fallin’ ooh sweet thing/you got me singin’…
    Delicious, this one was, EJ.

  7. Morena says:

    Never get enough of Lady T! Nor Tony to the 3rd! Anita, too! Love it 🙂

  8. NinaMM says:

    Oh…and YAY on my shout-out! Thanks! 🙂

  9. Wayne says:

    Jackie Moore!! OH MY GA-HAAWD!!!
    They played that to death on the old WDAI (94.7 FM) – the disco station in Chicago!! I really can’t say that I’ve heard it much since then.
    You cease to amaze me, Mr. Flavors, with the gems you throw up here!
    Well done, sir.

  10. Nikki says:

    Lawd, you too me back with Pop Along Kid. I remember everytime Shalamar would perform this song on television, it would showcase Jeffrey Daniels dancing skills.
    Oh, and to the folks who think Michael Jackson invented the Moonwalk, he didn’t. Jeffrey Daniels did. It was called the Glide when he did it. After he taught Michael Jackson how to do it, Michael changed the name to Moonwalk.

  11. DJDIVA says:

    EJ…you da best man! I couldn’t help that if I wanted to LOL

  12. james says:

    YOOOOOOO..MONEY!!! David Joseph!!!! You Can’t Hide…..

  13. nikki indigo says:

    that debarge joint used to be my JAM. i remember playing that one over and over again.

  14. CoachMVP says:

    With Central Heat………Yet another Heatwave classic. Shalamar’s “Three For Love” album is far and away their best. “It’s a fragile situation……It could fall apart at any time….and none would be the wiser ‘cept you and I”……I was mad at them dudes for lettin Sharon Bryant go also. They came back strong. DeBarge…..you make me want Chico and “Talk To Me”. I gotta dig that one up. ‘Nita is solid here. 3T with another love smash….Narada…Teena….Y u doin this to me man? You got me on the Chicago grooves…..I’ll get ya later. Peace!
    Forever Black!!!
    Atmore’s Finest

  15. Qamar says:

    Wonderful set EJ!
    Lovin’ the cuts from “Chic-ism” and “Three For Love” albums.
    “Whatever You Want” is a great cut. Man, when you make it to Oakland, gotta check out Dewayne Wiggin’s Jahva House cafe. Nice change of pace from Starbucks if you want good coffee (or tea) and a good vibe.
    Haven’t heard that Narada track in years. Talented man!

  16. Samuel says:

    Your site is a breath of fresh air. I really appreciate the time, consideration and patience you put into finding all of this gold and sharing it with us. Keep doing your thang.

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