Memelicious – A to Z

The road kinda went like this: JT -> Saga -> Davey. Saga and Davey threw it over here, so I finally just turned my headphones down and went for it. I hadn’t done one in a while anyway.

Accent: Southern. It’s got me and won’t let go.
Booze: Vodka, gin when in the summer, Baileys in the winter.
Chore I Hate: Every single one of them, but I especially can’t deal with sweeping or mopping.
Dogs/Cats: Dogs. Anna to be specific. It’s her world, I’m just the owner.
Essential Electronics: Gateway laptop and and iPod.
Favorite Perfume/Cologne: I thought my body scent was enough? Oh well, I don’t really have one, ‘cept for Curve.
Gold/Silver: Silver.
Hometown: Westbury, Strong Island, New York.
Insomnia: Nope, just need 30 hours in a day and all would be perfect.
Job Title(s): Technical Architect, Lead Product Support Specialist, DJ.
Kids: Anna (3). Well, technically she’s a beagle, but hey….
Living Arrangements: Me, three, and a dog.
Most Admired Trait: Pulling out the niceness in people and being able to multitask successfully.
Number of Sexual Partners: Uno.
Overnight Hospital Stays: Walking pneumonia (25), kidney issues (35), nice little brain seizure (38).
Phobia: Unemployment. Need job, gotta have it. Not having one scares the s— out of me.
Quote: None I can think of yet, except for a ST:TNG one, and I don’t think you wanna read that.
Religion: Was Baptist when growing up, Catholic when going to college, now just use the word Lord when stating an exclamation.
Siblings: Older sister (47), younger sister (33)
Time I usually wake up: 4:00AM and 7:30PM (after the post-work nap)
Unusual Talent: Persuading/enticing people to do things without even asking.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Okra. GTSOH.
Worst Habit: Forgetting little things like my collar, putting on a new pair of socks, shower….
X-Rays: Lungs.
Yummy Foods I Make: Pigs In A Blanket.
Zodiac Sign: Cancer, Scorpio Moon, Capricorn Ascendant.

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10 comments on “Memelicious – A to Z

  1. 4Gotten1 says:

    This is an interesting insight into you.

  2. 4Gotten1 says:

    This is an interesting insight into you.

  3. chica says:

    Come on, EJ…no okra? LOL!

  4. Nikki says:

    I’m not a fan of okra either.

  5. MoniMoni says:

    I like okra fried. But then again I like fried twinkies…go figure

  6. **RPM** says:

    You are such a good sport with this stuff. I am so Oscar the Grouch.
    Ode…to grouch…

  7. Enigma says:

    don’t be tagging me dangnabbit! *grumble grumble grumble* me do it when me get home. *grumble grumble grumble* lessin josh and the rest of the cast of lost are running round the island. *big smile over seeing dimples and fantasizing about putting my tongue in his dimples. ej: *grumble grumble grumble*

  8. Big Daddy says:

    LORD! Help me eat this OKRA!

  9. Torri says:

    Not the okra! Maybe you just haven’t had it cooked right. Next time you’re in New Orleans, I’ll have to make a pot full of okra/sausage/and shrimp for you. Yum Yum. Rubbing my stomach now!

  10. Colin says:

    I wasn’t tagged, but it still looks like something fun to do on my own blog… hope you don’t mind 🙂

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