The Return of DJ Swole (OE)

Much more much ado about nothing. Back from the mind of

Working overtime consistently. Not a bad thing, but if you see me on late at night, that’e usally why. Holla at a brother. If I don’t respond quickly, it’s because I’m multitasking. We all know how much fun that is.


Monday night at 8PM EST, I will be watching 24. For anyone who’s been watching it, you know why I’ll be glued to the set. Between the president, Jean Smart as the First Lady, and all the twist and turns it keeps me wildly entertained. And then there’s Alias’ final 6 episides, I think I’m in heaven. At least for the next two moinths.

On my way to Philly on Thursday, which means I’ll be cramming in 40 hours into 3 1/2 days (easy) and bring work with me to Philly (not so easy). I am officially a spring sadist. This is even more sadistic, considering that Omar is in concert in town in Atlanta and I will be in Philly instead. And then to make matters even more complicated, I’ll miss Nikki. Damn. At least I preordered Omar’s CD.

Speaking of sadism, there’s yet another site I have to keep updating. Yeah, I’ve ben swayed to the MySpace side. While I want to kick myself for succuming to it, I’m getting more and more attracted to it. If only there were 30 hours in a day….

The Gym:
You should see me, man. Go in the gym with an iPod ready to rumble, and then come out barely able to walk- and drive- my car. I even hobbled around some cool people a couple of weeks ago. So when I’m not working, at the gym, or have music on my mind, I am in my bed. Asleep. Good thing I don’t drool on the keyboard. It’s coming along though. I won’t say much more about it now lest I jinx myself. DJ Swole is tryin’ to make a comeback. Now all I need is a cape and some turntables…

I’m a week behind reading blogs because whenever I start reading I get sidetracked doing something else. See also: The Gym, Overtime, TV. My purpose is to catch up on my reading in 24 hours. If I don’t fall asleep.

More Music:
I’m listening to 10 CDs at this time, including new Van Hunt, Gnarls Barkley and Amel Larrieux. Good stuff. I’m sure that they’ll be on heavy rotation. Even made another iPod mix as a request. If you want the tracklisting, let me know. You may have wondered what that graphic is up above. Well, go check out Flowink. I’m an official DJ up in the place along with Todd Kelley and the crew too. Check out the mixes, join the forums, just enjoy yourself.

11 comments on “The Return of DJ Swole (OE)

  1. **RPM** says:

    Why. WHY. WHY???
    WHy go to MySpace when I am trying to valiantly save anyone I love from putting up a page on that cesspool of a site? Run from it my sweet. RUN. You are much too:
    1) good
    2) smart
    3) enlightened
    4) COOL in a brainy sort of way
    for MySpace. Give me your user name and pass word right now. I’m going to delete your profile. Quick…before anyone notices…

  2. MrMike says:

    I AGREE with **RPM** That has gotten alot of negative press lately here in Philly. I know plenty music heads live there and get a chance to showcase some excellent talent. For that I Love it! However some children live there as well and some nasty folks are seeking them out to harm them. That’s not cute!
    Well just do you thing EJ, I love the music – especially the Podcast!
    Currently on my iPod “EJ Flavors | In Rotation – Volume II ”
    And Yes I need the tracklist for “Shay” – very nice too!
    See you here in Philly! Peace!

  3. Whattup EJ. Yeah I’m on Myspace as you know. I really thought I would get a lot more traffic to my site if I had a page there, however, it seems as if everyone just wants to be “friends” to promote their own business, agenda, whatever. I’ll probably be there another week before I focus mainly on Soulcrates…
    I’m really digging that Flowlink site. Get a brother up in there so I can do my thing. Check my new playlist. Bohannon, Labi Siffre, Idris Muhammad, just to name a few.

  • chica says:

    I agree with RPM about MySpace. Why?
    I envy your gym habit. I need to haul my rump to one…soon…really soon!
    Again thanks for Deon Estus!

  • EJ Flavors says:

    You know what, I ask myself the same thing every time. I’m into Myspace for the music and the music only. The two biggest reasons I’m into Myspace that come to mind immediately are Vikter Duplaix and Questlove, and then when I start seeing people like Rosie Gaines, Yahzahrah…well, you can see I can talk about that all day. Otherwise I wouldn’t be there.
    @GrantLove, I’m gonna hook you up. You are killing me with that playlist too. Waiting on your podcast.
    @Mike, I’ll put the tracklisting up,
    @Chica, you’re more than welcome for the Deon track.

  • Nikki says:

    You shouldn’t have told me that Omar will be in the same city the weekend that I’m visiting. Guess you know where I’ll be. Wish you were going to be there too.

  • ManNMotion says:

    Heard Soul 2 Soul on the radio this morning, thought about you, then thought nah, not old school enough for EJ

  • saga says:

    gnarls barkley is like crack! I just can’t get enough.
    And fave already clowned me for joining myspace, so I ain’t saying a word about that….lol.

  • EJ Flavors says:

    @Nikki – yeah, I wish I could see him too. Make sure you take pictures.
    @MnM – watch for it next week. It falls right into my definition of old-school.
    @Saga – Gnarls Barkley is fantastic, I’m tellin’ you. I plead the fif’ on MySpace.

  • Michael says:

    Bruh! I just knew you were gonna be at the Omar concert tomorrow. I’ll bootleg it for you 😉

  • Enigma says:

    y the hell do u have a myspace? you barely update teh spaces you already have .. uh.. PAY FOR! don’t make me pinch you!

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