OSW: To The Sun

It’s getting warmer outside. Embrace it.

Old School Wednesday : To The Sun
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01 – Michael Wycoff – Do You Really Love Me
02 – Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It
03 – Gladys Knight and the Pips – When You’re Far Away
04 – Stacy Lattisaw – Jump Into My Life
05 – Michael Jackson – Baby Be Mine
06 – Manhattan Transfer – Spice Of Life
07 – Michael Franks – When Sly Calls
08 – Minnie Riperton – Lover And Friend
09 – George Benson – Lady Love Me (One More Time)
10 – Michael Henderson – In The Nighttime
11 – The Delegation – Oh Honey
12 – The Sylvers – The Roulette Wheel Of Love
13 – Enchantment – Sunshine
14 – Brainstorm – This Must Be Heaven

I’m expanding on Michael Wycoff as we lead off with Do You Really Love Me. I had Sharon Redd on my mind for a little while so Can You Handle It was pulled out. Gladys, Stacy, and Michael lead the way to Manhattan Transfer’s Spice Of Life, which I hadn’t heard in more than 10 years. Michael Franks, Minnie Riperton, and George Benson led the way to Michael Henderson’s In The Nighttime, an honest to goodness classic. Rounding out the set are three tracks which were requested by Morena, Oh Honey, Sunshine, and This Must Be Heaven along with a track for Wayne called The Roulette Wheel Of Love. Those four tracks round the set out nicely.

Bonus points: 1) Who’s the producer of When You’re Far Away? 2) Who’s the producer of Jump Into My Life?


14 comments on “OSW: To The Sun

  1. ms. alex says:

    ~I’ll admit I only know 3 songs on the list, but I always listen to each song that I don’t know and discover new favorites. Keep doin’ ya thang, EJ.

  2. Yvette says:

    OMG!!! Michael “Wide Receiver” Henderson! I love,love,love “In The Nightime!” Thanks EJ

  3. I don’t know how you did it, but you totally snatched “Baby Be Mine” out of my playlist. Now I have to start planning my OSW all over again!

  4. Big Daddy says:

    Must be Wednesday! “Another glorious day in the corp!!” (for all Aliens fans). Oh Honey is the pick of the picks my brother. Keep bangin’!

  5. Thierno says:

    Kinda late checking this OSW… but hey, there are days like this, tight. Awesome, as always, EJ, albeit I’m only familiar with half of the tunes. Keep on ‘edutaining’…
    Bonus Points:
    1 – Not sure, but I’d guess Leon Sylvers.
    2 – For Sure: Kashif (thought I was the only Kashif-ologist)

  6. Nikki says:

    Ah, that Michael Henderson joint is right on time!

  7. CoachMVP says:

    Once again you never cease to amaze. I had to pull out the “Thriller” LP just to hear the static on “Baby Be Mine”. I’m diggin Michael Wycoff and Michael Henderson has the voice that I wanted back in the day. His deep voice is only surpassed by “The Man” BARRY!!! Thanks for making my day.

  8. Qamar says:

    Another one!
    Never heard many of these tunes, but thoroughly enjoying them. The Wycoff and Brainstorm songs, in particular, are stunning. Thanks for exposing me to them.
    A great soundtrack for a hectic work day!

  9. Morena says:

    So I’ve been in and out the office today, but I’ve been OSWing nonetheless. Loving this! I am feeling that Sunshine cut like nobody’s biz LOL
    Thanks EJ 🙂

  10. MoniMoni says:

    Hey there! I’ve been doing massive overtime, and haven’t had a chance to check my OSW, but I’m back….
    Roulette Wheel of Love! From the Showcase Album! I tell you, I appreciate a person who digs the Sylvers!
    I believe Thierno is right. Leon Sylvers did the Gladys Knight joint and Kashif, definitely.
    And Enchantments “Sunshine”…My aunt & mother(may they both RIP), loved that joint! Watching them singing it was hilarious…especially when they tried to hit those high notes! 🙂

  11. no doubt we embracing it. with good music
    happy easter E

  12. Wayne says:

    An overdue “THANK YOU” for the shout out, Mr. Flavors. Ms. Charmaine Sylvers’ vocals on “Roulette” always melted my butter as a pre-teen. That track should have been released as a single.
    And the Michael Franks track…TRUE OLD SCHOOL BLISS.
    Well done, Sir…well done!

  13. Wayne says:

    And PS: That Gladys Knight track! Like I said on Thursday, it’s new to me but I am LOVING IT!

  14. I am gonna need a preview of Jon B. So could you send me a copy please!!!

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