April Thoughts (OE)

I’m a simple man, mostly with headphones on and a laptop in my lap. While the headphones were off this past weekend, my mind was in a couple of places. I’m stealing OE’s from ManNMotion since he does it so well…..

Daylight Savings Time:
You know, I thought it was still April Fools Day because I lost my damn hour this weekend. It’s a cruel joke. Father Time must have been drunk or something. I must have done something wrong in a previous life. I looked on eBay to see if someone had it for sale but I haven’t seen it there.

I always tell myself I never go see enough movies, so I went to go see ATL. A film with Chris Robinson as director, Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, Dallas Austin, and Will Smith as producers, and Mykelti Williamson acting in this movie too should prove to be interesting, right? Right.

I wasn’t looking for an award-winning picture and I didn’t get one. I wasn’t looking for stellar acting and I didn’t get any of that. What I was looking for was just a good time, and that’s what I got. We’ve seen better pictures, that’s for sure, but this pic was a step in the right direction. The flick had enough one liners, music, and scenes to make it enjoyable. This is thumbs-up from a southern guy so take it for what it’s worth. Whatchu say?

I’m travelling up to Philadelphia the end of this month. I don’t need any red carpet. A good Philly Cheese Steak with some Tasty Cakes for dessert will work. If you’re gonna be around, holla atcha boy!

I was going to say how they have too many shows like The Apprentice on television these days, but then I realized that I watch The Apprentice, The Apprentice UK, The Next Food Network Star, and Top Chef. I need professional help. (Notice that I don’t mention America’s Next Top Model. I’m not quite on that wagon.) I will tell you one thing- Grey’s Anatomy has been consistently in my top 5 since it’s inception, and even more so since they played Crazy by Gnarls Barkley in one of their scenes. What other show do you know can mix surgeries and Cee-Lo in there? I’m jus’ sayin….

Music, Mixing, Life:
You know I’m a music fiend, right? These mixes and podcasts are totally new to me. I do take requests. Doesn’t mean I’ll have em all, but lemme know what you want to hear and I’ll try to get it on- past and present.

20 thoughts on “April Thoughts (OE)

  1. so glad you’re sharing a bit about yourself and your life – it’s far more intriguing than you think! Still struggling with DST myself, so not a whole lot to comment on before bedtime – except: thanks for reminding me about Philly. And ATL is firm on my spring travel list!

  2. I remember when…I remember I remember when I lost my mind…
    There was something so special about those days…
    Nice post , and uh…I just realized, when I buy my own url…I know who to talk to get it formatted. *clears throat*

  3. Zun – and I call myself just an ordinary guy. We’re hangin’ out in Philly, right?
    RPM – Does that make me crazy? Probably….

  4. ~ So, EJ, you’ll take requests?…
    ~ Brass Construction, Fatback Band, Larry Graham/GCS, Erkah Badu (is she ol skool enuf?)

  5. so, like as you head to philly, zooming through the free state, should i like wave at you from the ground, looking up or should i wave at you as amtrak chunks along?

  6. I thought I was going to get to meet you when I venture to ATL at the end of the month? Looks like you’re gonna be out of town when I get there. 🙁

  7. @ms alex – alright, i think i gotcha covered.
    @Mr. Hadden – it’d be good for you to wave upwards.
    @Nikki – dag! let me know when you’re there and we’ll coordinate.

  8. When u find your hour…bring mine too! And u know I could shoot u an OE…say the word e-jizzle!
    Grey’s anatomy is the shizz nit!…and yeah I caught that tune too…You must must must watch ANTM…It’s hilarious!
    I might have to meet u in Philly…

  9. i ain’t in philly but i live in the atl. you can hang with me there. LOL
    i’m gonna check out that atl movie this week hopefully.

  10. I need to use up some movie gift cards, but ATL ain’t gonna be on my list. LOL
    I would love some Minnie Rip in a mix. Some OS LuvJams. Philly at the end of the month? Hmmm, I think I might could catch up with you (and Zun!).

  11. I so love The Next Food Network Star! I’m still yawning…Daylight saving time is kicking my tail!
    I can’t even think of a request because you do such a great job introducing me to new (to me) music and reuniting me with songs from the past! Thanks!

  12. @dj diva – yeah, Greys Anatomy is all that. ANTM, if i’m sitting down and it’s on, i’ll check it out…
    @nikki – we needs to hang, forilla! you know the local bloggers will meet in a restaurant in a heartbeat. i’ll put my feelers out and see what happens.
    @ronn – some more Minnie? more Luv Jams? got you covered. as for Philly, all i can say is get yo self on down….
    @chica – good, then i’m not alone! thanks for your support. i always hope i do you proud!

  13. Back from Denver and anxiously awaiting the new fix tomorrow. If you think DST is tough, try beating that AND jet lag! Dang! I’m still not awake. To H-Town next, but at least it’s in my time zone.

  14. As the snow swirls outside… yes, snow… we northerners don’t know when to turn off the machine…. I was thinking about how my “lost” hour wasn’t so bad this weekend… watched the entire first season of “Drawn Together”… so what, I was in the mood for mindless and vulgar. Hope I can catch up to you in Philly at the end of the month… I’ll be there for the relays and events.

  15. Man, that time change got me too, especially after my trip from XXXXXX, XX. I lost 4 hours instead of 3 and I’m still not right.

  16. Don’t you just LOVE MNM’s OE posts. I love, LOVE Grey’s Anatomy that show has surpased even the Sopranos on my top 5 list.

  17. This whole podcast thing? I gotta get on board. How come I never knew that was the Dazz Band singing Heartbeat?! Wow! LOL
    Requests — I got some of those – ol’ SOUL style:
    Delegation – Oh Honey
    Smoke City – Dreams
    Eddie Holman – You Make My Life Complete
    Brainstorm – This must be heaven
    And a relative newby:
    David Josias – Mindblowing
    Would love to hear these if you can find ’em!

  18. @Big Daddy – where you at, man?
    @Bernard – i think i zoned out when you said the word “snow”…..
    @MnM – i’m sure your frequent flyer points are through the roof, and it’s only April.
    @Honest – we’re in total agreement!
    @Morena – i got you covered….
    @Obi – where you at?

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