OSW: Sugar, Water, PURPLE!

See, this is what happens in the middle of prepping for an Old School Wednesday. My people, my people…..

EJ: what’s happenin?
KB: nuthin Rerun
EJ: i blame you for me playing Prince and Howard Johnson in my car repeatedly while crusing down I-20.
EJ: just for that, come up with a name for the arby.
EJ: *falls on the floor*
EJ: now would you like to tell the audience how you came up with that?
KB: That’s the ingredients.
EJ: you are killing me.

Old School Wednesday : Sugar, Water, PURPLE!
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[Podcast/mix available here. Click to play or right click to download.]

01 – Brick – Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody
02 – Heatwave – Send Out For Sunshine
03 – Prince – In Love
04 – Jesse Johnson – Be Your Man
05 – Howard Johnson – So Fine
06 – Vesta Williams – Don’t Blow a Good Thang
07 – Christopher Cross – Ride Like The Wind
08 – Donald Fagen – I.G.Y. (International Geophysical
09 – Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio – Two Places At The Same Time
10 – Dazz Band – Heartbeat (Extended)
11 – Enchantment – Silly Love Song
12 – Michael Henderson – Let Me Love You
13 – O’Bryan – You And I
14 – Phyllis Hyman & Michael Henderson – Can’t We Fall In Love Again

Bonus round: name the writer and co-producer for So Fine, and name the group who sampled Let Me Love You. Shoutouts to KB, Big Daddy, and J. Brotherlove. Enjoy.

19 thoughts on “OSW: Sugar, Water, PURPLE!

  1. I want that purple stuff, baby! Keep doing your thang. Still waiting for that podcast!

  2. You dirty lowdown…….I’ve got to give you your props……I’m going through my 45’s to find sumthin to stump you. You said that you were goin to mess me up. I bow to your greatness once again. Maybe next time!!!

  3. Yo, EJ… Thought I’d get a headstart on this week’s OSW and, to my surprise, it’s up already.
    Kashif is the writer/ co-producer on ‘So Fine. You should check out Howard’s follow-up LP to ‘Keeping Lovin’ New, ‘Doin’ It My way’. My favorite duo produced it. U know who they are. Another solid mix.
    KeEp RoCkInG!!!

  4. O’Bryan: Excellent remake of Stevie’s song.
    Phyllis & Michael: Sexy, sexy, sexy! Timeless! Song gives me chills.
    Howard Johnson: Still blows my mind! Classic Kashif.
    Jesse: Man was too cool (Jheri curl and all!).
    Fagen: Brilliant solo debut.
    Cross(?!?!): Inspired! Mr. McDonald’s background vocals still sound wonderful.
    Heatwave: One of their best songs! Always gives me a lift.
    EJ the DJ: Brings it all together in such an amazing way!

  5. ~ Ahhh yeah..Ain’t Gon’ Hurt Nobody!
    ~ Can’t We Fall In L-L-Love! One of my faves by Phyllis Hyman (and MH).
    ~Brick AND Dazz Band! Wow–you got any Brass Construction?? Thx for makin’ my hump day!

  6. EJ, You are the master! Qamar, you know what time it is. I wondered why HoJo’s “So Fine” sounded so much like Kenny G’s (feat Kashif) “Hi, Howya Doin?”
    All great stuff as usual EJ. You can tell your brother: you’re feelin’ Ray Parker and Raydio these days aren’t you?!
    Already looking forward to next week. Till then, I’m Denver Bound. HHHHOOLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAA!

  7. My name is Nerd Girl. And I’m an EJ-aholic! How sad is it that I RUSH to work on Wednesdays so that I check out the latest mix and get my groove-on?!? Love, love, lovin’ it!

  8. EJ, I could kiss you. Boy, you put Enchantment on your OSW today and that made my day! I’m the biggest Enchantment fan.
    All of those remakes by Jesse Powell never did them justice.

  9. when i heard “what a beautiful world” by donald fagen, i almost fell out of my damn seat! this has now become my favorite blog. keep it coming!

  10. Another Jesse Johnson track! Yes! Qamar’s comment about him is so true.
    Gosh you brought back memories with the O’Bryan track. I always think about a song (“Still Waters”) when I hear the name. Thanks EJ!

  11. That Michael Henderson joint- Compton’s Most Wanted…
    Man, Howard Johnson brings back memories for me…Nice! Still got that Jesse Johnson track on 45…

  12. You know, this weekend I had some people over and I was looking for something different in the way of music–why did we jam to some OSW? LOL You da man, music man!

  13. would to hear vesta’s entire first album…if it’s possible can you put on your site along with all this other greeeat music you have you’re really take me back when music is music….much love …rod

  14. would to hear vesta’s entire first album…if it’s possible can you put on your site along with all this other greeeat music you have you’re really take me back when music is music….much love …rod

  15. Where can I buy this CD? I’ve been looking for some of these songs FOREVER–especially Vesta’s “Don’t Blow a Good Thang”!

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