OSW: Stars In Your Eyes

First thing’s first. This is where I’m gonna be this weekend. Austin, TX beware:

I’m takin’ my camera and computer, and
leaving my work at home for the first vacation this year. There will be plenty of pictures, so watch for it. If you’re around this weekend, hit me up. I’m down with whatever.

On with the flow. I do believe that this mix will go down as one of my favorites. I bring to you:

Old School Wednesday : Stars In Your Eyes.
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01 – Cherrelle – I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On. FlyteTyme Productions is in the house as they light up this track complete with synth solos, percussion takes, and just an all around good time. Gotta love that video too.
02 – D Train – You’re The One For Me.
Anything that James D-Train Williams and Hubert Eaves touched turned to gold in my opinion.
03 – Earth Wind & Fire – Fall In Love With Me.
Side By Side made me realize just how much I liked the Powerlight CD. This was the leadoff single. The synth breakdown before the last chorus is classic.
04 – Fat Larry’s Band – Act Like You Know.
This track is a party song with an absolutely funky bassline. Add a solid horn section and an infectious chant, and this is a song you won’t forget.
05 – George Benson – Inside Love.
George Benson knocks it out of the box with this cut. (Name the producer, and you’ll understand why this cut is one of my favorites).
06 – Bernard Wright – Who Do You Love? (Extended).
Remember this cut? Sure you do. Like Inside Love‘s arrangement, the female vocal is infectious.
07 – The Sylvers – New Horizons.
Wayne and Moni got me hyped up mentioning The Sylvers some time ago. I had never heard this cut until they mentioned it, and now I completely understand why they both requested it. Props go out to both of them.
08 – 52nd Street – Tell Me How It Feels (Extended).
From Children Of The Night. I’m a huge Loose Ends fan, so it stands to reason that I’m a fan of 52nd Street also. Produced by Nick Martinelli.
09 – Herbie Hancock – Stars In Your Eyes (Extended).
Just last week, I received an email from Michael G. looking for a cut from 1980 with only one line from the chorus as a reference. A little investigation followed, and when I played this track I literally yelled, since I had not heard this cut in 25 years. An absolute, absolute classic. Shoutouts go to Michael G. and Michael A. for the love.
10 – Michael Franks & Brenda Russell – When I Give My Love To You.
This cut was played constantly on the new age radio station WNUA in Chicago. From Skin Dive.
11 – Heatwave – All You Do is Dial.
From Too Hot To Handle, smooth and mellow.
12 – Lenny White and Twennynine – Morning Sunrise.
Yet another forgotten track from Lenny White.
13 – Rockie Robbins – You And Me.
It’s all about CoachMVP, who reminded me about this track.
14 – Stacy Lattisaw – Let Me Be Your Angel.
I had a conversation with no other than Todd Kelley, which brought up this track. I’ll let him elaborate.

Shoutouts go to Sharon T. and the Brooklyn Tech class of 1981. Enjoy.

15 comments on “OSW: Stars In Your Eyes

  1. Wayne says:

    Ok…I STILL love the fact that I’m on the West coast and that is only 9:25pm here and I can hear tomorrow’s OSW tonight. 🙂 Once again you have outdone yourself, Mr. Flavors.
    “Let Me Be Your Angel”???? I played that 45 to death…literally…I wore it out!
    You know what’s strange? I was playing the Robert Palmer 1986 techno version of “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On” earlier tonight and thinking to myself how much better Cherrelle’s original is! Great minds and all.
    Thanks for including “New Horizon.” TRULY an inspirational song.
    And finally…the legendary Arif Mardin produced the George Benson track from the under-appreciated “In Your Eyes” album. “Inside Love” was the first single off of it, preceding the more popular “Lady Love Me.”

  2. Michael A. BTHS 1981 says:

    As usual you have a flair for getting it right. Stars in your eyes – Wow!!!
    Act like you know – Hmmm. Love the baseline 🙂
    You will have us primed and pumped for our get together.

  3. Alana G. BTHS 1981 says:

    This is the best dedication a class could ever have. Thanks to Michael A. for telling us about you, and thanks to you for satisfying our musical needs. I was already floored by 52nd Street and Heatwave, but the song by Twennynine with Lenny White pushed me over the top. This is incredible!

  4. MoniMoni says:

    Hey EJ! How’s it going? You make my Wed mornings! D Train (Loved him), EWF, Cherelle (My Girl) this weeks jams are killing me! Bernard Wright’s “Who do You Love” and of course, thanks for The Sylvers “New Horizons”. Wayne and I agreed on that one! Have great day everyone!

  5. Nikki says:

    Ah, that’s Cherelle’s first cut. I still remember the video for that song. It had a King Kong theme.
    You’re The One For Me was a song me and my skate crew used to rock out to.
    And I remember Bernard Wright’s video for Who Do You Love where he and some female were rollin’ around in some barrel. That was pretty innovative for the director of the video during that time.

  6. Stars In Your Eyes is one of my favorite cuts. I like it so much I featured it on several of my own playlists months back. Keep doing your thing EJ… Check for my joints as well. I’ve got some Musical Throwbacks for ya!!
    ****I’ve got new playlists for you to vibe to…
    Check it out:

  • Todd Kelley says:

    wifey appreciates the George Benson!!
    I appreciate the Stacy L!

  • Qamar says:

    That Cherelle track is still smokin’.
    Unless my memory and ears are failing me, I always thought Kashif was the one who actually produced Benson’s “Inside Love” track. It has all of Kashif’s signature synth hooks and the background vocals sound like those on his own solo albums released around the same time (’82 & ’84).
    Another superb mix, EJ!

  • Thierno says:

    Another K.O., EJ. I actually luv all these tracks. Qamar, you’re right; this has that vintage Kashif sound. He did in fact write & produce this track. That’s not to say that Arif didn’t get co-producer credit (I don’t own the album so I can’t say). Back in those days, there were weird arrangements when it came to credits. E.g., Arif took full producer’s credit for Chaka Khan’s This Is My Night, when we all know it was produced by The System.
    Thank you, EJ. – Peace

  • Yolanda says:

    Make sure you allow it to be a real vacation. No half-steppin’. LOL

  • Morena says:

    Rock on, rock on….I can NEVER get enough of “Who Do You Love!” I even remember all that room spinning in the video. Makes me smile LOL
    Enjoy Austin!

  • JW Richard says:

    Hot cuts as always, EJ. Great to meet you at SXSW.
    (P.S. When your streams become a podcast, list it on http://www.digitaldrums.net, please :-))

  • Props as always for the Jam/Lewis cuts! That Sylvers jam made me do a lil’ Sylvers collecting of my own. “Who do you love?” all time childhood fav and “All you do is Dial.” –I actually had a moment…my big sister had that LP! The beginnings of my musical upbringing!

  • Yolandria says:

    OMG,I stumbled across this blog and lo and behold: ROCKIE ROBBINS!!!!! “You and Me” was the joint back in the summer of ’80. It’s amazing how one song can bring it back. This is a great site. Thanks

  • Jo aka Golden says:

    As you know I can’t listen to you at work and I barely have time at home, however, today I’m paying off some debts and balancing my check book to your ALWAYS AWESOME OSW.
    Miss you much, E.J. Hope you had a great time!

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