OSW: First Days Of Spring, 2006

Let’s do this!
It’s all about the vernal equinox.

Old School Wednesday : First Days of Spring, 2006.
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[Podcast/mix available here. Click to play or right click to download.]

01 – The Nick Straker Band – A Little Bit Of Jazz
02 – Secret Weapon – Must Be The Music
03 – BB & Q Band – On The Beat
04 – Change – Change Of Heart
05 – Michael Jackson – Off The Wall
06 – Quincy Jones – Razzamatazz
07 – Melba Moore – Loves Coming At Ya
08 – Johnny Kemp – Just Another Lover
09 – Patrice Rushen – Feels So Real (Won’t Let Go)
10 – GQ – Sitting In The Park
11 – Stylistics – Hurry Up This Way Again
12 – Deniece Williams – Waiting
13 – Gap Band – Yearning For Your Love
14 – Maze & Frankie Beverly – Happy Feelings

Bonus round: name the producers and the background singers for On The Beat. Thanks to Vee for causing me to pull out Patrice and The Stylistics, and for Nikki to cause me to pull out Maze. Extra special props to Qamar. Enjoy.

23 comments on “OSW: First Days Of Spring, 2006

  1. chica says:

    Podcasts! You are the man! Thanks for “Off the Wall”! Brought a smile to my face! Glad to see that you enjoyed SXSW!

  2. “Give me back, all my love. I’ve had a, change of heart.” Don’t mind me, just passing through. On a separate note, “Must Be The Music” is an all time favorite. “Give me. Give me. Give me. Give me…”

  3. Michael A, says:

    This just keeps getting better and better! On The Beat – BB&Q Band: Priceless memories. Joy!

  4. Qamar says:

    This is a brilliant mix. A little dancing in the beginning to shake off the winter cold, some romancing in the middle, a little doubt and longing towards the end, then a “Happy Feeling” to finish the mix and launch into spring. Just brilliant!
    Patrice’s “Feel So Real” is an all-time fave. “Off the Wall,” “Just Another Lover,” and “On the Beat” still sound great. “Razzamatazz” is an inspired choice!
    And you know I love Neicy’s “Waiting.” 🙂
    That stretch from “Sitting in the Park” through “Yearning for Your Love” is a great set of songs about wanting and yearning (a favorite theme of mine).
    Thanks again, man. Inspired!

  5. ms. alex says:

    ~ First we dance. Then we smooth out da groove.
    ~ Thanks for GQ’s mellowness, Must Be the Music and Maze. (more old skool Maze, pls).

  6. ms. alex says:

    Oh, MY!! I forgot to say thanks for the Stylistics’ Hurry Up this Way Again.

  7. Fave says:

    WTF?! This is how you start spring, mayne!
    Now, what’s up on those pics???

  8. DJ Diva says:

    I know the producers of the “Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens” band : Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi who right now is a producer for Andrea Bocelli….
    who were the singers? from the band Change?…cause they created that group too…in that case…wouldn’t Luther have been down too?
    EJ…great job man…the accountants were bouncing around behind me…and I said to myself “Must Be The Music!”…I Love the whole list…from front to end…like you knew I would 😉

  9. EJ, What’s good Man, besides the music here, and my page of course, LOL… Glad to see you repping BB&Q and Secret Weapon. I Had them on one of my 80’s playlists and people loved it. You have to school me on the podcast thing. People have been asking me to have my lists avaiable for download, and I’d love to share what I have.
    Make sure you check out my EW&F Flashback. Part 2 coming this Friday.
    Peace & Blessings

  • Nikki says:

    I still have Maze on the brain after attending that concert over the weekend.

  • Thierno says:

    Hi, EJ. U never disappoint. I never heard that Johhny Kemp track. Grooving song, just like Kashif knows how to do. Is that Melba Moore on backing vocals?
    So, my question to you is: What gives you the ego to put together such a mix that includes such Masters of Production as Q, Jam/ Lewis and Kashif? Is it just because you can? LOL. Thanks for another legendary mix.

  • Alana G. says:

    The first two songs had me dancing around; those were some of my “back in the day” favorites. Some good grooves in the middle, and then came numbers nine through fourteen. How did you know? As always, you’ve made my day complete. Must be the music that’s turning me on 🙂

  • Golden says:

    EJ, did I ever tell you I LOVETH YOU!?!?!?!?! OMG! Podcast! Genius! I’m gonna sooooooooooo be jammin’ on da train tomorrow morning.
    I’m going to bed so it can get here faster!

  • MoniMoni says:

    Hey EJ! DJ Diva is right BB&Q’s background vocalist is the group Change, with Luffa’! I loved this song! Once again, another great mix from OSW!

  • Berry says:

    Did I overlook your podfeed?

  • Yolanda says:

    Why or why have OSW’s become old-school Thursday’s for me? It ain’t fair, I tell ya. Humph!

  • suedemuffins says:

    yeaaaah! i’m bumpin that patrice rushen!!! i love you ej!

  • ceecee says:

    Heyyy EJ!
    it’s been a min and a half since I stopped in…how’ve you been? Great mix as usual 🙂

  • I’m going to have to check back more often. Great meeting you EJ. We’ll have to colab on what I can do on my site music-wise when you get a minute. We’ll be back in August, I hope you can make it and maybe dj?!?

  • OMG EJ… this is one of the best arby’s EVER. Change. Patrice. Niecy, Maze. You didn’t just bring back memories, you made me relive the joy, hurt, pain and great times of my adolescence. Keep it comin!

  • Xquizzyt1 says:

    Wow! this is almost as good as the mixes I used to do!!! ROFLMAO
    I like this… I LOVE BBQ Band and Nick Straker – and you know I think the Off the Wall CD is the greatest MJ album ever. Off the Wall starts sounding kinda eerie like Thriller. LOL
    This mix was cool. You should let me do one one day for old time’s sake!! LOL =)

  • JiggaDigga says:

    Great reading, keep up the great posts.
    Peace, JiggaDigga

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