In Rotation: 03/19/06

This week is going to be a good week. Check out the flow.

In Rotation: 03/19/06.
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01 – Clara Hill and Vikter Duplaix- Chillin’ With You. I’m anxiously waiting for Clara Hill’s new album. This cut is my wakeup track.
02 – Yam Who? – Wrap You Up.
I’m a huge fan of Yam Who? and this cut only underscores the reason why.
03 – Sergio Mendes with Q-Tip and – The Frog.
From Timeless, quite possibly the best album to come out so far in 2006.
04 – King Britt featuring Bahamadia – Transcend.
From Adventures In Lo-Fi.
05 – Gnarls Barkley – Crazy.
Hear that vocalist? That’s Cee-Lo working with Dangermouse. Check them out here.
06 – Izzi Dunn – Out Of My Hands.
Cellist and singer from the UK who I’m warming up to just from the one track I’ve heard. Check her out here.
07 – V – Born Again (Featuring Jill Scott).
V, from Philly, does not dissapoint. From The Revelation Is Now Televised.
08 – PJ Morton – No Ordinary Love.
Classic soul music? He’s got it. Check him out here.
09 – Sergio Mendes with Jill Scott and Let Me.
Fantastic cut. Reason #2 why this CD is fantastic.
10 – Donald Fagen – H Gang.
I was forwarded this cut just before this album came out which made me pick up Morph The Cat, which is also in heavy rotation.
11 – Lewis Taylor – I’m On The Floor.
I was all prepared to see Lewis Taylor this week. Unfortunately, it has just been reported he had polyps and has cancelled all US shows in March and April. From Lewis II.
12 – Prince – The Word.
From the upcoming 3121
13 – Quintessence – Never.
I’m still grooving to Quintessence and will continue to do so for quite some time. From Talk Less Listen More.
14 – Beady Belle – Lose & Win.
Quintessence caused me to pull out Beady Belle yet again. From Home.
15 – Beanfield featuring Ernesto – Someone Like You.
From Seek.

I’m a podcast virgin, so I’m warming up to the possiblities they present, which is thrilling me to no end. You can expect interactive vocals in future podcasts. Responses are definitely welcome. Special shoutouts to Gwenzilla, Wayne, and Darryl from Moodsmusic.


11 comments on “In Rotation: 03/19/06

  1. piscessoul says:

    hmmm. sergio mendes’ album…i will have to check that out. as always…thanks for the recommendations.

  2. DJ Diva says:

    You know I am a Prince head right EJ?…you knew that…you had to have included that song just for me…now don’t try to deny it…I’ll just keep believing I’m special…..
    But that song “The Word” means so much to me right now….His whole album is dope…and since I got saved 1/3/06….u know I’m loving it!
    I may be back…cause I’ma listen to the whole thing at work…and I’ll probably need to sound off about something else you put on there….Thanks EJ!

  3. Nikki says:

    I see you added that PJ Morton.

  4. Thierno says:

    Yo EJ, your wake up track is awesome!!! Exactly what I needed to hear when I heard it. I luv this stuff. The rest of the songs are cool, too; in particular Prince. I’m anxiously waiting for the release of 3121.
    Thanx & Peace

  5. saga says:

    I needed this so much – particularly Born Again & The Word (you DO understand I work amongst demons, right?). Oh and don’t let me forget Chillin With You (so I can remember what that’s like, since it’s been so DARN long since I had that kinda relationship…)

  6. MrMyke says:

    Wassup ej I see you made it ok from SXSW Austin TX. I learned a bit too from your comments! Thanks for shareing!
    H-U-G-E UPS! TO PodCasting! WE Finally Arrived!
    Sergio Mendes’ album rocks! Too Many reasons/artist why I love this one! Black Eyed Peas, Erykah Badu,, Stevie Wonder, Q-Tip, Jill Scott, John Legend, and I’m listening to Timeless featuring India Arie now!
    I AGREE! “Timeless” is the BEST of 06′ so far!

  7. JW Richard says:

    Yes, “The Frog”, was my bounce cut during SXSW, as well as “Timeless”. The Jill Scott is growing on me, however the John Legend song simply must begone!

  8. Del says:

    thanks for the izzi dunn track. i’ve been checking for her stuff since she did ‘betcha did’ with kaidi tatham a few years back. good to hear something else from her.

  9. **RPM** says:

    Hehehe, bless your soul…
    You really think you’re in control?
    I wonder when I will stop listening to that track 30 times a day…

  10. Qamar says:

    Clara Hill, King Britt, and Izzi Dunn tracks are really cool.
    Love the Quintessence and Beanfield cuts! Will have to look deeper into both of these acts.
    Fagen and Prince are old pros who have lost nothing. Good stuff!
    I must confess I really am lukewarm towards Q-Tip, but I like the Mendes track with him.

  11. what says:

    Clara Hill Chillin’ With You..
    album name?

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