OSW: Stress Reliever

I work too many hours at work apparently, and almost didn’t have enough time to do this. Luckily they cut me a break. It’s a good thing too, because I was just about to go postal. This was what I needed to calm down.

Old School Wednesday : Stress Reliever.
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01 – The Whispers – In the Raw
02 – Cameo – She’s Strange
03 – Slave – I’ll Be Gone
04 – Prince – Anotherloverholenyohead
05 – Isaac Hayes – Three Tough Guys: Hung Up On My Baby (Instrumental)
06 – Michael Jackson – I Wanna Be Where You Are
07 – Deniece Williams – I Found Love
08 – Angela Bofill – What I Wouldn’t Do (For The Love Of You)
09 – Roberta Flack – Oasis
10 – Atlantic Starr – Touch a Four Leaf Clover
11 – Rose Royce – I Wanna Get Next to You
12 – Steve Arrington – Sugar Mama Baby
13 – The System – Supernatural
14 – Lisa Stansfield – Sincerity
15 – Mica Paris – You Can Make A Wish

In The Raw and She’s Strange are some serious forces to be reckoned with, since they have great high school memories for me. While Slave and Prince are serious grooves (of course), Isaac Hayes’ Three Tough Guys: Hung Up On My Baby should sound familiar to you, especially since it was sampled by a hip-hop track you should be familiar with.
I’m waiting to see who comes up with it first.

After Michael Jackson’s hit, there’s a cut from Deniece Williams that was seldom played, I Found Love, as was Angela’s What I Wouldn’t Do (For The Love Of You). Roberta Flack, Atlantic Starr, and of course Rose Royce are recognizable, I’m sure, but what about Supernatural? Rounding out the mix, we have Lisa Stansfield and Mica Paris.

Special thanks to Thierno and Coach MVP down there in South Alabama for the special touches. Hope you enjoy.

14 comments on “OSW: Stress Reliever

  1. Yolanda says:

    Beautiful describes today’s lineup. A few of these songs should have been the hits that folks paid attention to, but they didn’t receive the airtime. Thanks for putting them out there. I don’t care what others say about you Music Man, you’re all right with me. LOL

  2. Nikki says:

    Loved me some Atlantic Starr, with Sharon Bryant or Barbara Weathers.

  3. Thierno says:

    Man, oh man… I like this set. Prince & Cameo are exactly what the Dr. ordered. And then you throw in that MJ track… You rock, dude!!! Never stop. Thank u. Peace.

  4. Qamar says:

    This mix is right on time. Soothing and uplifting.
    Atlantic Starr is classic. Rose Royce is ever so sweet. MJ and Prince are right on time. 1984 was a great musical year… hearing Cameo reminds me of that wonderful year.
    The Arrington track made my jaw drop. Where did you get that? It’s from my favourite of all his solo work, 1984’s underrated (and sadly forgotten) Positive Power LP. “Mellow as a Cello” and “Hump to the Bump” off that were killer tracks. Really strong album from start to finish.
    Thanks EJ!

  5. GrantLove says:

    Nice EJ, very NICE… I love me some Cameo, Slave and I can’t forget Prince & MJ. Atlantic Starr deserves their own playlist with the hits they had, very underated group as far as I’m concerned. You’ve just inspired my next radio blog……Flashback Fridays this week will be jumping off at

  7. Peace & Blessings

  • Will says:

    I had the hugest crush on Barbara Weathers. She was so damn sexy to me when I was younger.
    Dude, this OSW is da shizzz! Much, much respect!

  • NinaMM says:

    You cold killed it with Lisa’s Sincerity track. If you could manage to find Wake Up Baby from the same album, and load it up on a list here, I ‘clare I would love you…if not forever, for a very long time.

  • MoniMoni says:

    Issac Hayes track was used for the Geto Boys “My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me”!
    I love this site! I look forward to it every week! 🙂

  • janine says:

    hey ej! stress relief is right. i finally got a new computer that has enough ram for me to happily listen in every damn chance i get. thank you sweetie!

  • Todd Kelley says:

    Man, I’m way behind on these things!!!! But there I see Lisa Stansfield, so you know i gotta get back on track!!!

  • No_ID says:

    One word to describe this site and your mixes:

  • Andren says:

    Nice and smooth. Like the blog BTW.

  • Mike says:

    I can’t believe no one has spoken up about who used “Hung up on My Baby”: The Geto Boys in “My Mind’s Playin’ Tricks on Me.”
    By the way, when is the rest of America going to recognize that the genius of Isaac Hayes extends far beyond playing an animated character on South Park?
    Also, how good has southern rap become at extracting nuggets from old soul?

  • johns says:

    12 – Steve Arrington – Sugar Mama Baby
    Inspired and a fantastic call-still sounds current and fresh……..
    Respect due!

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