In Rotation: 02/17/2006

I’m still reeling over the passing over Jay Dee, and while I thought about placing him into a radio blog rotating his tunes, I looked around and saw that Todd Kelley had already done it (and a damn good job he had done too), and Jay Smooth had links to others, so there was no need to redo something that had been done so perfectly.

Well, less than 24 hours later, I had received word that Lynden David Hall had died from cancer. He was 31. Todd and Anitra gave me a little inspiration to perhaps focus on England while giving my respects to Lynden. I was more than happy to do so. Presenting:

In Rotation 02/17/06 : British Soul.
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01 – Lynden David Hall – Stay Faithful. From his current album In Between Jobs.
02 – Omar – I Guess.
This is from the album Best By Far and is the introducing track. The horn section accentuates this track perfectly.
03 – Shola Ama – All Mine.
Written and produced by the members of D-Influence. From Much Love.
04 – Loose Ends – Time Is Ticking.
From Look How Long. Lead vocals by Linda Carriere, formerly from Dynasty.
05 – Craig David – Fill Me In.
Remember this one? From Born To Do It.
06 – The Sunburst Band – Far Beyond.
Joey Negro does it again with this track from Until The End Of Time, one of my favorite cuts.
07 – Lewis Taylor – My Aching Heart.
The blue eyed soulster does it as he always does. From Lewis II.
08 – Incognito – Show Me Love.
Lead vocals? Why, Carleen Anderson of course. Off of the new album, Eleven.
09 – D’Influence – Magic.
One of my favorite cuts from D’Influence is this track. From London.
10 – Jamiroquai – Everyday.
Mellow cut from Travelling Without Moving.
11 – Don-E – Me Oh My.
From Unbreakable.
12 – Lynden David Hall – Do I Qualify?
My favorite track from Medicine 4 My Pain.
13 – Seal – Walk On By (Babyface Remix).
I had not realized that Seal remade this song, which has been remade so many times I’ve stopped trying to keep count. From the EP Walk On By.
14 – Magic Number – Suddenly.
From one of the greatest abums of 2004, That Day.
15 – Santessa – Irresistible.
From Delirium, produced by Stuart Matthewman, the Sade, Sweetback, and Maxwell wunderkind.

May Lynden David Hall rest in peace. Enjoy.

16 comments on “In Rotation: 02/17/2006

  1. Finally, an RB featuring some of my favosite British Soul artists. I really liked Lynden David Hall’s first CD. Now all I need is some Craig David, Mica Paris, Ephraim Lewis and Hil St Soul.

  2. Yolanda says:

    So sad that I get hip to such a talent after he dies. I’ll be bumping this the rest of the evening, and I plan to look into his available music.

  3. Berry says:

    Wow, we are at that age now where the passing of our contemporaries really hits hard. Naturally it hurt when someone ‘caught up” back in the day was taken out but it makes us really reflect on our mortality in these 30-something years.

  4. crazy ain’t it. lyden david hall introduced me to this whole genre of neo soul. couldn’t get enuff of his music.
    i’m sad. rest in peace brethren

  5. lynne says:

    had i known you did this mix prior to my posting my own message, you know i woulda linked ya’. i love the british neosoul and i especially loved lynden david hall – his voice was like butter.

  6. Honest says:

    How I love the brits.

  7. Keguro says:

    Just a quick thanks
    I return here over and over for music and more music, more importantly for the inspiration it gives

  8. ceecee says:

    I can’t believe david lynden hall is dead! i wish i had sexy cinderella 🙁

  9. Catherine George says:

    I feel very sadden by the news I was listening to Lynden music the sunday before he died with my sister. I never really heard his album however I thought that his talent was beyond his years and he has a special gift. we need to support British talent more Lyden to me was equivalent to any USA act in his Gendre.
    May his wife and family find comfort that he has left behind more that words can express through the power of music. May those that never knew him visit the music he has left.
    Rest in peace Lynden

  10. Hyps says:

    Beautiful :o)

  11. Scott Robertson says:

    I have got to say this is a sad day he was a great person and was talented writer. His music touch a lot of people I remember buying his first album but what was mad is my sister bought the album on the same day. That was Medicine 4 my pain great tracks I got his last album the day it came out in between jobs. He will be missed thank you for making great music.

  12. MacDaddy says:

    Walk On By, there’s a superb live version sung by no other than UK songstress Gabrielle, it was released as a 4 track CD single, I love it.

  13. Squirrel says:

    In rotation was off the chain i had never heard of
    Lynden David Hall. His music is off the hook. reminds me of Deangelo or Bilo ..

  14. Squirrel says:

    In rotation was off the chain i had never heard of
    Lynden David Hall. His music is off the hook. reminds me of Deangelo or Bilo ..

  15. DJ Sean Sax says:

    Holy crap! What a treasure chest of dope music! Del Cowie put me on to you and I’m SOOOOOO glad that he did. Keep up the good work EJ. PaCe!

  16. Ron (Bodywork)Carter says:

    I don’t know where you keep findin these jams but brother keep it up. As a skater from back in the day, we love skatin to all of this, made my day when i heard Illusion by Imagination again.
    By the way .

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