The Mighty Dozen of 2005

It’s time to close out 2005, especially since I closed out 2004 with one. The 50 of ’05 will be next, but for now, let’s bring out The Mighty Dozen……

Champagne People12.
Champagne People

Benny Sings
Sonar Kollectiv

I’m sure one or two people (or 50) will find this strange that I like this CD. He’s neither Mariah nor Common, he’s just another guy. It’s good stuff, however. I picked up this CD after I became intrigued with his CD I Love You.

Check Out: Unconditional Love, Party, Together

Gordon Chambers11.
Introducing Gordon Chambers
Gordon Chambers
The Orchard

An award winning songwriter and a great singer, Gordon Chambers manages to supply a solid album perfect for the Urban Contemporary landscape.

Check Out: Touch You There, Slippin’ Away, Always Be Proud

The Inner Beauty Movement10.
The Inner Beauty Movement

Red Urban Records

Stranger On Earth was a nice start, but Inner Beauty Movement takes it to the next level, and for me was a nice surprise after waiting 4 years for it. No sophomore slump here.

Check Out: Come To Mama, Story Goes, Run To Me.

Sy Smith09.
The Syberspace Social
Sy Smith

Sy Smith is a voice in neo soul that should not be overlooked. To have Ali Shaheed Muhammed and Nicolay on this CD doesn’t hurt either.

Check Out: No Place Like Love, Turnstyles, Aquarius Rising.

Kanye West08.
Late Registration
Kanye West

It’s gotta be a solid CD if I’m still listening to it. If only they could extend On My Way Home because Common shines on that track. And Gone? Well, that doesn’t need to be a hidden track, now does it?

Check Out: Late, Addiction, On My Way Home, Bring Me Down.

Darien Brockington07.
The Feeling EP
Darien Brockington

You have to love Darien. Doing background and co-lead for PPP, Symbolyc One and Illmind, and Foreign Exchange- and that’s a sample- you know that the EP is solid. We need more.

Check Out: Steppin’ Out, Sacrifice, Listen.

Little Brother06.
The Minstrel Circuit
Little Brother

A solid CD, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from them. They continue with the game. The flow of the CD, accentuated with the skits of course, is on point, just as you would expect it to be.

Check Out: All For You, Lovin’ It, Say It Again.

The Emancipation Of Mimi05.
The Emancipation Of Mimi
Mariah Carey

Mariah is back again. As much as I wanted to front, I can’t. With her voice, arrangements, and of course her assembly of artists in the cut, it’s a CD you should have picked up. Forreal.

Check Out: Stay The Night. Circles, Say Somethin’, I Wish I Knew

Common - Be04.

When I warmed up to it (the fear of too much Kanye will do that to you), I was grateful for this CD. Electric Circus scared me.

Check Out: Love Is, Real People, It’s Your World, They Say

Galactic Soul 03.
Galactic Soul
Galactic Soul

When I was listening to this in my car the very first time. I got pulled into it with, tripped up with The Plant Life, went crazy with Roy Ayers in the cut, and then when I heard D’Nell, my friends, I lost my mind. Arguably the best compilation of 2004.

Check Out: D’Nell – 20/20, Roy Ayers – I Am Your Mind, Cee-Lo – Living Again

Galactic Soul
1st Magic

Dan and Ellie dropped singles This Thing last year and 20/20 this year on compilations, which resulted in pre-emptive strikes to the release of a soulful mellow CD release with solid, tight DJing. It sinks in and just won’t let go. I only wish they would tour the US.

Check Out: Different Way, That’s How I Know, Rioja, 1st Magic Groove

#1 - Platinum Pied Pipers 01.
Triple P
Platinum Pied Pipers
Ubiquity Records

Waajeed and Saadiq drop beats. The strength here, however, is intricacy. Instrumentation? On top. Improvisation? It’s in here. And then top-notch vocals and rhymes? Home run. I’ve even picked up Steve Spacek and Tiombe Lockhart just on the strength of this album.

Check Out: 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover,
Deep Inside, Stay With Me

CDs that could have (or should have) made the countdown: Esthero’s Wikkd Little Grrrls, Ladybug Mecca’s Trip The Light Fantastic, and Rich Medina’s Connecting The Dots.

15 comments on “The Mighty Dozen of 2005

  1. Hopluv says:

    Nice line up! Some of these I haven’t heard of before, but I have put them on my list to check out. Happy 2006!

  2. lynne says:

    I see I have to start paying attention to some smaller labels again. I missed a lot of this stuff. But on Little Brother, I still feel like their over rated.

  3. Qamar says:

    Oooh! I see I’ll be doing a little shopping soon.
    The Lina disk was one of the year’s most pleasant surprises. So glad she came back!
    And Kanye had Mariah sangin’ on “Stay the Night”… maybe my favourite track of 2005.
    Thanks EJ!

  4. nOva says:

    i actually have 6 of the cds on this list. *dap* (i can relate again!!!!!)

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  6. Todd Kelley says:

    On point, mayne! Too bad we couldn’t get the gizmo to work

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  8. Soundnexx says:

    I know all of these albums except one (Champagne People)? I will check it out! One compilation I thought was a masterpiece was Nicolay’s The Dutch Masters, Vol. 1! Nice grooves from beginning to end, but you can’t go wrong with Nic! Glad you were feeling PPP as well! Being a native Detroiter, I am happy folks are feeling them!
    Nice site!

  9. Xquizzyt1 says:

    Hey sweetie… I’ve been away far too long… HOW ARE YOU??? Shoot me an email or something please…. =)
    Lina, wow, forgot about her. =)
    X =)

  10. Jah_Luv says:

    Happy New Year!
    Good ’05 review. I actually got “Champagne People” and “I Love You” because I heard “Follow the Light” on here…they havent left the cd player yet, and I got them joints on the pod! Benny Sings is a cool cat!
    Peace and Blessings!

  11. Jah_Luv says:

    OH! “Dust” is so hot!!

  12. Stone says:

    I’ll def. check out the Benny Sings, reminds me a little of Remy Shand from back in the day.
    Forgot all about my girl Sy! That’s a hot album too.

  13. Mr Slish says:

    Yo Whats up Ej…Just dopped by to check out your site.
    Glad to see your biggin up my boy Gordon Chambers. He and I went to the same elementary school. He used to help me cheat in Then we got busted, discoverd he was gifted and skipped him to the second grade…
    Who Knew!!!!!

  14. Sy says:

    Hey there… This is Sy… So flattered to know that I made your list! Thanks for the love, means a lot coming from someone with such great musical taste (I’m lovin’ your mighty dozen list; and not just because I’m on it!)
    love. peace. soul. in 2006!

  15. EJ Flavors says:

    @Hopluv: Happy 2006 to you too!
    @Lynne: Wow, you and JT really didn’t think the album was all that. The interesting thing is I feel you guys and I can see where you’re comin’ from.
    @Nova – so…when you postin’ yours?
    @Todd – our time will come, Big La!
    @Soundnexx – I loved that too, and didn’t give it enough play! Time to pull it back out again!
    @X – it’s all about love (and Lina)! I’ll call ya!
    @Jah_Luv! – it’s all about you, you know that right? I didn’t think anyone would pick that up but me! Dust IS a great cut, btw.
    @Stone – what’s up, man? Took me a while to figure that you actually blogged! Syberspace is hot.
    @Slish – man, you got Gordon busted?! LOL!
    @Sy – thanks for stopping by! I really really loved your CD, and I had to represent. Thanks for the love! Keep me posted on your plans for this year!

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