OSW: Welcome to 2006

It’s a new year, and I’ve gotta do new things. It’s hilarious that over the holidays, people close to you around Christmas and New Years say that they check out your site all the time, and they want more. (You guys know who you are). So, I’m officially out of my mini-hiatus. I’ve got to deliver the top 12 CDs of 2005 and the top 50 singles of 2005. And yes, my friends, the in-rotations have gotten to where I’ve got so much music that I’m overflowing with good tracks. Watch for ’em. True to my promise, I’ll be getting more into my life’s story this year, cause it’s gonna be a great year.

School Wednesday: Welcome to 2006.

01 – Michael Jackson – Get On The Floor
02 – Brothers Johnson – Stomp
03 – Donald Byrd – Change (Instrumental)
04 – Alexander O’Neal – What Is This Thing Called Love?
05 – Gwen Guthrie – Outside In The Rain
06 – Jody Watley – Still A Thrill
07 – Prince and the Revolution – 17 Days
08 – Stevie Wonder – That Girl
09 – Al Jarreau – Golden Girl
10 – Bill Withers and Grover Washington, Jr. – Just the Two of Us
11 – Average White Band – A Love Of Your Own
12 – The O’Jays – Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby (Sweet Tender Love)
13 – S.O.S. Band – Even When You Sleep
14 – Expose – Seasons Change

I was feeling Off The Wall, so I had to throw one of the tracks that got the least play.That track along with The Brothers Johnson and Donald Byrd set off the tone for me. I was feeling Alexander (especially since it’s my favorite track off of All True Man), Gwen Guthrie, Jody Watley, and Prince and The Revolution , and then had to slow it down with Stevie, Al Jarreau, Bill Withers/Grover Washington, Jr., Average White Band, and The O’Jays. SOS Band and Expose round the set out.

Enjoy. Best wishes to everyone for 2006!!

13 comments on “OSW: Welcome to 2006

  1. Qamar says:

    17 Days?!?!?! No f***ing way?!?!
    It is now clear… you really do walk on water!
    EJ, thanks for all the great musical memories you inspired in 2005.
    Looking forward to an even better 2006, which is clearly off to a strong start.
    17 Days… man, I can’t believe you pulled that out!

  2. happy new year to you mr flavors!!
    ahh S.O.S band. my tune back in University. a few ladies got speeched while that played in the back ground.

  3. Todd Kelley says:

    O’Jays!! O’Jays!! O’Jays!! O’Jays!! O’Jays!! O’Jays!! O’Jays!! O’Jays!! O’Jays!! O’Jays!! O’Jays!! O’Jays!!

  4. Thierno says:

    Gwen Guthrie (R.I.P.) and Expos�… What a pleasant blast from the past. That entire album by Gwen had some serious jams, thanks in large part to David ‘Pic’ Conley of Surface. As for Jody… What can I say? “Everybody wants someone… Jody… ” Sung by Jermaine Stewart (on Frantic Romantic LP).
    Alright, I’m gonna stop. Thanks, EJ.

  5. KB says:

    See, when you sneak things on me it’s not even fair. I didn’t even think about “17 Days” when you were asking me. I love that song! I even have the 12″ version. Dag, I’ll take an “L” on this round.

  6. Wayne says:

    You’ve OUTDONE yourself “Big E!”
    “Get On the Floor”??!!? I haven’t given that a listen in years. Practically since God was a boy.
    “Golden Girl”?? Al Jarreau with that magical wonder Nile Rogers on guitar! Two words describe that track: Day Yum !!!

  7. Wil says:

    17 Days – Classic Prince (Prince fan from back in the day) – You starting the year right with the mix, I love all the cuts. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. GrantLove says:

    EJ, you got me….That Get on the floor was on my next playlist, you beat me to it again.. I’m gonna have to move my Friday List up to Tuesdays..LOL
    Hey Man, I appreciate you hooking me up the way you did.I won’t let you down.. You’re going to get a hefty load of musical treats.
    Let everyone know that grantlovemusic is no more, now it’s all about

  10. Peace & Blessings for the 20 OH! Six

  • chica says:

    I wish you the best in 2006 and beyond! I don’t know if I’ve thanked you enough for the all you do! I had heard “17 Days” in so long. As always, thanks for Alex!

  • Derrick says:

    *Dancing* in my living to “Stomp.”
    17 Days- classic!!!!! thank you….
    Can he top himself? The answer is YES!!!!!

  • ceecee says:

    Happy New Year EJ!
    *cyber-hug* 🙂

  • Aziza says:

    EJ: Happy New Years!!!… 🙂 Now I have to check out your playlist.

  • Ray says:

    That list is what’s up. Happy 2006. Peace.

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