OSW: Back In The Day, Volume 1

This is how it’s goin’ down….

Old School Wednesday : Back In The Day, Volume 1.
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01 – The Brothers Johnson – Ain’t We Funkin’ Now
02 – The Whispers – It’s a Love Thing
03 – The Intruders – I’ll Always Love My Mama
04 – Sister Sledge – Thinking of You
05 – Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover
06 – Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – Back Together Again
07 – Whatnauts – Help Is On The Way
08 – Sly & the Family Stone – Family Affair
09 – Tower Of Power – Below Us, All the City Lights
10 – The Stylistics – You Make Me Feel Brand New
11 – Al Green – Have You Been Making Out O.K.
12 – Stevie Wonder – Knocks Me off My Feet
13 – Teena Marie – Déjà Vu (I’ve Been Here Before)
14 – Minnie Riperton – Inside My Love
15 – The O’Jays – Help (Somebody Please)
16 – Lakeside – Real Love

There is a twist of course, which was our original theme. There are at least five tracks that have been sampled. Name the song and the track(s) that sampled them. I’ll admit that two of those tracks I’ve been playing endlessly since they were dropped to me by no other than Todd Kelley. Mad props to him.


14 comments on “OSW: Back In The Day, Volume 1

  1. GrantLove says:

    EJ, Whattup Man? Yeah that’s a hot list, but I’m not telling you anything new. As for the sampled tracks…. I’ll give someone else a shot since I’m the first comment….Don’t wan’t to ruin the fun of people guessing…I’m doing a new playlist this Friday that will have nothing but original samples….You know where to find me;

  3. or hit me up on MySpace under Soulcrates.

  • GrantLove says:

    Correct Link to Soulcrates on MySpace..

  • SOULCRATES on MySpace
  • Nikki says:

    Cool list. I would name samples, but it won’t be fair. I’ll cheat for most of them.

  • Qamar says:

    Another terrific mix!
    “Thinking of You” is an all-time favourite. So sweet. Takes me way back…
    “It’s a Love Thing,” “Inside My Love,” and “Knocks Me Off My Feet” are timeless. Actually, this entire mix is timeless.
    Love the Lakeside cut. Another one I had not heard before.
    Drawing a complete blank on the samples.

  • Tra says:

    Great mix as always. What up on that new Goapele? Worth the $? Get at me.

  • Aziza says:

    I just love #6 and #10 of your rotation. I can listen to those songs over and over and over and over. I just love them.

  • Aziza says:

    Oops. I got so excited about seeing my favorite songs on the list that I sort of didn’t read the posted entry first. The two songs I mentioned aren’t my guesses for the sampling.

  • Waddie G. says:

    I’m feelin’ the list. You should send me mp3 files to some of your songs you list. (please!)

  • voxefx says:

    Can’t go wrong with Prince in the mix.
    This is becoming my favorite hang out on Wednesday’s .
    Keep keepin on.

  • KB says:

    Since no one else did it:
    1. Sampled many times but all I can think of right now is Black Box’s “Strike It Up” because I heard it at a skate party last night.
    3. Raphael Saadiq & Q-Tip sampled this one for that song off The PJs soundtrack, “Get Involved.” This is my official Mother’s Day song.
    6. It’s “Spring Again” Everybody knows it’s spring again… (Biz Markie)
    7. De La Soul’s “Ring Ring Ring” (hey, how ya doin…)
    14. Ooh, good one! “Lyrics to Go” by ATCQ. Didn’t figure it out until the end of the song.
    There are more. I’m sure of it…

  • Anatole says:

    Good Mix. Thanks for including the Whatnauts. It’s a classic tune that has been forgotten.

  • T-Steel says:

    Everytime I see the words “Inside My Love” by Minnie Riperton, I just have to play it. That song hits a brutha in all the right places. My wife knows when I’m playing that song also. Knowing glances of the perfect night we had 6 years ago on vacation in Toronto.

  • Radio.Blog: I have arrived!

    Bless you brutha EJ for OSW: Back In The Day, Volume 1. Now I MUST add the the radio.blog to my lovely home in the blogosphere. Music is our sanctuary, indeed… [zing! to EJ Flavors]…

  • ms alex says:

    Oh, you won’t believe this. I just heard “Real Love” over the weekend and could not find anybody that knew the artist. So I get on the net and look up Real Love and it shows up on your radio blog (didn’t know about radio blogs)! OMG, I am wearing it out on your site. Actually, you have alot of songs I’d forgotten about or people just forget to play (Knocks Me, Atlantis, Anotherloverholeinhead, etc) Some are new to me too. Thanks so much. Ms. Alex

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